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Aspire is known around the world for its superior quality and highly developed products and services. The desire to help maintain and ideally restore mobility to people with disabilities, whilst protecting the mobility they may have, sits behind each and every one of the company's products.

Our notion that a persons quality of life is closely linked to maximising individual freedom and independence has been a major concept, influencing Aspire throughout their 100-year history. It is what guides the design and development of new products.

Aspires international activities are coordinated from the head office in Berlin, Germany. from here there is a network of distribution in more than 50 countries; an established global presence allowing them to be close to all customers.

Despite the continual pace of launching into new markets and reaching out to new target groups whilst developing new technologies, there is still one thing remains unchanged: people are at the centre of it all. Aspire measures the quality of its products by the degree to which they improve independence and quality of life in everyday life.

When you ask Aspire what attributes describe them, Respectful, engaged, human, authentic, playful, open-minded, enterprising and bold. And there's more than 6,000 employees around the world work with the drive and the passion to fill these words with life. They achieve this by respectfully dealing with the users of Aspire and through meaningful dialogue with their customers. Each and every one of them helps to increase the mobility and freedom of people with disabilities.

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