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Toilet Seat Raisers

Toilet seat raisers increase the seat height of your toilet. The more difficulty you have in sitting, generally, the higher the toilet seat raiser required. Toilet seat raisers are moulded plastic units which are secured to the toilet bowl once the existing seat has is removed. Toilet Seat Raisers can be supplied at different height intervals to suit the user's requirements. Generally, the size options are 50mm, 100mm and 150mm. Some brands offer both lid and no lid options. Also known as Toilet Risers, they are a universal fit designed to attach to standard shape toilets.

Toilet seat risers, toilet risers, or raised toilet seats are assistive technology devices to improve the accessibility of toilets to older people or those with disabilities. They can aid in the transfer to and from a wheelchair and may help prevent falls.

There are toilet seat raisers with armrests also available on the market. In most cases, these are swing-away armrests which provide the option for a side transfer. Alternatively, a toilet surround will complement the raiser to give additional stability to the user when lowering and standing. The frame is tubular for the user to hold onto on either side. The width of the tube is available in different sizes to accommodate hand grip. The wider the tube, the easier to grip.

Toilet seat raisers are commonly relied upon during the rehabilitation phase, following hip or knee surgery. When there is a mobility issue, they assist by reducing the degree to which the user must lower themself onto the toilet seat.


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