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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds assist with special needs in the home care environment.  These needs may be related to mobility, aging or disability, and an adjustable bed may make it easier for the user or carers to transfer to and from the bed.

Adjustable beds offer the safety and support of a hospital bed and are designed to suit the aesthetics of a bedroom.  These beds may feature many benefits available in a standard hospital bed such as electrically operated hi-low functionality, adjustable back and knee bend, and Trendelenburg raise. Other than transferring the user to and from the bed, these functionalities assist with a broad range of conditions and illnesses.  The main benefit of adjustable beds is to treat the user within the comfort of their home as an alternative to an aged care environment or healthcare facility.  It is common for a family member to purchase a home care bed.  In some instances, a hospital-style bed at home may minimise or avoid the expense of a professional caregiver or facility if a family member can provide the necessary care. 

The common feature of all hospital beds is adjustability.   The functionalities of an electric hospital bed are fully powered.  The bed is operated with a hand control - either wired or remote. The hand control is positioned so the patient or the caregiver can adjust the bed. The functionality of the remote control is simple, making it easy to operate.  It will adjust different sections of the bed such as the height, backrest or the knee bend.  In most cases, lockable castors allow the bed to be easily moved if required. Some adjustable beds are also able to be folded for easy transport and storage.

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