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Bed Wedges & Support Pillows

A Bed Wedge is a pillow positioned under a patient to assist the user's body positioning and posture while resting in bed. Bed Wedges are generally made for a moderately firm foam and are triangular with a tapered incline.  This shape helps the person using the pillow to remain in a semi-upright position during sleep.

There is also the option to position two wedge pillows, one under the shoulders and one placed under the legs. Both narrow tapered ends face each other.  The head and shoulder positioning is raised.  The feet are elevated while the knees and lower back are supported.

The bed wedge pillow is multi-purpose, depending on which side of the pillow is against the bed determines how high of an incline the pillow will have. For an upright wedge, place the pillow on the bed with the longest part of the wedge against the wall and the short side of the wedge against the bed. This will provide a more comfortable way for the user to sit up in the bed while remaining semi-reclined.  It is ideal for reading in bed.  When the wedge pillow is positioned in the usual orientation, the incline is lower and perfect for sleeping. 

The Bed Wedge is suitable for those with asthma, bronchial or breathing constraints.  It may assist with acid reflux, snoring, allergies, or any other condition in which breathing may be impaired in supine position.

It may also assist with neck and back pain and be used to increase circulation.

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