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All about the Equagel Protector Cushion

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This month we're featuring the Equagel General, Protector and Adjustable Protector Cushions

We already have plenty of product information on our website so we thought we'd add a few extra facts and FAQs for you...

We stock a range of the Equagel Cushion in a variety of six sizes which are available in standard or adjustable. The "adjustable" has an extra gel component to allow for repositioning and additional customisation.

Equagel Cushion

The cushions are comprised of two layers:

The top layer is thick wall gel which acts as a comfort layer. As you can see from the picture, this layer is a small grid with thin walled gel which is for pressure distribution rather than being weight supporting.

The bottom layer is thicker wall gel and a wider grid to accommodate good alignment in deep posture support . These walls are more robust and strong enough to prevent bottoming-out under normal usage.

A Bi-columnar design of integrated gel means the smaller top grid and larger bottom grid of gel cannot be separated.

Equagel Cushion Side View

Made from 100% Equagel which is made of a dry polymer gel which feels like rubber to touch. It's tensile and compression strength makes these pressure cushions so durable and revolutionary.

The difference between the three kinds of cushions we stock are:

Equagel General CushionEquagel General Cushion

  • -For moderate cushioning needs
  • -The thickness of the cushion is 2inches

Equagel Protector

  • -For advanced cushioning needs
  • -The thickness of the cushion is 2.5 inches

Equagel Adjustable Protector

  • -For customisable cushioning needs
  • -The thickness of the cushion is 2.5inches
  • -Two different pelvic contour inserts are included to increase the therapeutic gel under the pelvis


Are the cushions washable?

Yes they are:

The cover should be washed on gentle cycle and allowed to drip dry or using the cool setting in a dryer

The cushion can be hand washed with warm soapy water. Rinse well with warm water and air dry in the shade.

Which Equagel Cushion should I choose?

You will need to consult with your medical professional to recommend the right product to suit your needs.

Is the Cushion durable?

Unlike some other products in the pressure cushion market, the Equagel will not breakdown from pressure and/or moisture. This makes them long lasting.

So, hopefully now you're a bit more enlightened when it comes to the world of Hip protection. There's plenty more information and videos on each of the products on our website www.patienthandling.com.au or feel free to call us on 1300 137 875

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