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TA iQ MWD Electric Wheelchair - A customer testimonial

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24th August 2015

As I suffer from a rare, degenerative neurological condition, it became time to surrender my scooter and find a power wheelchair that suited me. I was seeking a chair that had great manoeuvrability, reliability and appropriate back-up support. I happened across the TA iQ Mid Wheel Drive at the ATSA Independent Living Exhibition in Sydney in 2013. I was able trial it with its developer, Torben Andersen from Denmark, who was visiting Australian distributor Patient Handling, Marrickville, New South Wales.

The TA iQ MWD is notable for the following characteristics:

  • Clean lines / high quality craftsmanship
  • Unique quad suspension system
  • Multi-functionality standard features including tilt, lift and extendable legs
  • Optional LED Lighting system.

  • I was able to add several options of my own choosing including a glove box compartment and back-pack carrier.

    The most obvious characteristic to the rider is the soft quality of the ride, especially on rough surfaces. The manner in which the suspension operates independently enables the wheels on both sides to remain on the travelling surface even when the surface height varies

    In the almost two years that I have owned the TA iQ MWD I have travelled almost 2,000 kilometres without incident and with the original batteries. I have had to ask for only minor adjustments to be made to the original computer-based settings and these have been handled expeditiously by Patient Handling.

    My chair has drawn many comments from friends, some of whom have engineering backgrounds. They have been singularly impressed with its engineering qualities and the thought that is the basis of its design.

    Nick Rousch




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