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The top 5 most useful aids for people with Arthritis


Two of the most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Although the two conditions are significantly different in nature, both result in similar symptoms of pain, swelling, tenderness and reduced range of motion in joints. The most commonly affected joints by both conditions are the small joints in the fingers, the hip joints and the knee joints. There is a large range of equipment to aid those with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis in the completion of every day tasks. The top 5 most useful equipment for everyday tasks for people with arthritis is catalogued below.

1. Bottle and Jar Openers

Opening various bottles and jars around the kitchen involves strong twisting actions in the wrist and fingers. This can be painful for people with arthritis and may stop them from being able to open anything that is tightly sealed. There is a large range of bottle and jar openers that are placed on top of a jar or bottle and, by either a manual or electric mechanism, tightened around the lid. The opener then works by either creating a larger, easier area to grip when manually twisting or electronically twisting the lid off.

Some bottle and jar opener options:

Undo-It Jar Opener – A V shaped, metal wedge that is screwed underneath a cupboard or shelf. Bottle or jar lids are then slid into the wedge until tightly gripped by the non-slip lining and can be manually twisted off by turning the base of the bottle or jar.

Click here to view the Undo-It Jar Opener

Undo-It Jar Opener

Twister Jar Opener - A cone-shaped rubber opener that grips to the lid of a jar or bottle of any size to increase surface area and grip when twisting the lid.

Click here to view the twister jar opener

Homecare Twister Jar Opener

One Touch Bottle Opener or Jar opener – Electric openers that are sat on top of the lid of the jar or bottle, one button is pressed and the machine tightens around the lid and twists it off.

Click here to view the one touch bottle opener

One Touch Bottle Opener

Click here to view the one touch jar opener

One Touch Jar Opener

2. Long Handled Reachers

Reduced range of motion and pain particularly in the hip joints can make bending down to pick up items quite challenging. A range of brands produce long handled reachers that have a grip lever on the handle that controls a claw at the other end. This allows the user to reach and pick up low, light items without bending at the knees and hips. This item may not be suitable however if the user has pain in the finger joints as they may not be able to squeeze the handle. 

Some options of long handled reachers:

Click here to view the Combi Reacher - Available in 80cm

Combi Reacher Long 80cm

Click here to view the Handi Reacher - Available in 61cm, 76cm and 90cm

3.Tipping Kettles

Pouring a kettle requires significant strength in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder and can be a very dangerous task if the user experiences any weakness or pain in these joints. To enable people with arthritis to use their kettle safely, tipping kettles and kettle tippers are available. A tipping kettle is a kettle set inside a cradle that allows it to be tipped over by pushing the handle without the user taking any of the weight or having to control the angle. A kettle tipper works on a similar basis, however does not include a kettle. An average kettle can be placed inside the cradle and secured with the metal base and a strap.

Some kettle tipper and tipping kettle options:

Click here to view the Uccello Tipping Kettle

Uccello Tipping Kettle Black & White

Click here to view the Homecraft Cordless Kettle Tipper

Homecraft Cordless Kettle Tipper

4. Kitchen Workstations and Preparation Systems

A large amount of food preparation such as chopping vegetables involves complex hand and finger movements and strength. If one hand has particularly painful arthritis or weakness, tasks involving both hands such as gripping a carrot with one hand while chopping with the other may be very difficult. Kitchen workstations and preparation systems are available in a variety of designs that range from simply and edge to lean a piece of bread against to stop it sliding to more complex systems to grip pieces of food. All of these systems allow two handed food preparation tasks to be completed with one hand. 

Click here to view the Homecraft Plastic Bread Board

Plastic Bread Board

Click here to view the Homecraft Kitchen Work Station

Homecraft Kitchen Work Station

Click here to view the Homecraft Food Preparation System

Food Preparation System

5. Weight Activated Rollators

Rollators are a very commonly used mobility aid. They assist with balance and stability while walking and have a brake function that works by gripping a lever on each handle. For users with arthritis, gripping the brake may be painful and difficult and may result in risk of the brake not being fully engaged. Weight activated rollators remove this risk as their brakes are engaged by pushing down on the handles instead of needing to use hand strength to grip the brake. 

Click here to view the Peak Care Ellipse 6" Weight Activated Rollator

Peak Care Ellipse 6" Weight Activated Rollator

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