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Bodypoint manufactures postural supports which are specifically designed to improve the safety, comfort and function of wheelchair users and users of other mobility devices.

At Bodypoint, they are passionate about ensuring that every wheelchair user is positioned correctly enough so that they can reach their personal goals.
Every product or device that is crafted, no matter how simple it may be, is designed to deliver the highest level of comfort, safety, performance, aesthetics, and the right fit.

Bodypoint was established in 1991 in the U.S.A when its founders combined their common industry experience, original product designs and collaborated to deliver a series of postural support products as wheelchair seating accessories.

Recognizing the close physical connection between a wheelchair and its user, the name "Bodypoint" was created to represent their vision of creating solutions for very specific needs at different points on the body. These solutions empower individuals to reach higher, stretch further and achieve more in their lives.

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