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Breezy offers a range of wheelchairs which are categorised as follows:

Lightweight Wheelchairs
Retail Wheelchairs
Travel Wheelchairs (also known as Transport Wheelchairs)
Standard Wheelchairs

At Patient Handling, we stock a selection of these Breezy wheelchairs chosen from these the four categories. To find out more about these different types of wheelchairs please continue to read below:

BREEZY lightweight wheelchairs. These chairs are built using lightweight aluminum and are an ideal option for when you the wheelchair is needed for frequent use, when a higher level of adjust-ability is required, or when there is a situation requiring unique needs. These wheelchairs include premium upholstery options as well as adjustable components to provide superior comfort throughout the day.

BREEZY retail wheelchairs. These chairs are designed for maximum comfort and convenience for both the user and the carer.

BREEZY travel wheelchairs. These chairs are also known as transport wheelchairs and they are designed to make caregiver-assisted travel safe, convenient, and comfortable. They are designed specifically with comfortable seating, narrow frames and fold easily for storage and in particular, transportation. They are ideal for use when traveling to and from the house, to and from the car, or when completing short errands.

BREEZY standard wheelchairs. These chairs are crafted from durable steel frames and are perfect for occasional or short-term use. They are available is Self Propelled to allow the user to use arms or feet to move along or in Transit form which allows for assistance from a caregiver.
These wheelchairs include adjustable components and folding frames for comfort and convenience.

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