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Bottom Wipers

A bottom wiper is an angled device which can greatly assist in maintaining personal hygiene. We have a folding bottom wiper that can be used whilst out and about and a non folding bottom wiper.

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Bottom Wipers

A bottom wiper is an angled device that can greatly assist in maintaining personal hygiene. At Patient Handling, we provide a folding bottom wiper that can be used while out and about and a non-folding bottom wiper.


Quality products are among the topmost priority; therefore, we ensure our bottom wipers are from the best and most trusted brand, Homecraft. Bottom wipers are made to improve personal hygiene and make it easier for the elderly and disabled persons with dexterity challenges and low mobility.

Bottom wipers for the disabled and the elderly are a significant addition to the list of essential items one might need on a daily basis. There are some conditions that individuals might become susceptible to constraining the power to reach very far. This is when the bottom wipers become very helpful; they help the user reach their behind to assist with personal hygiene.


With a vast range of devices available, it can be challenging to know what to select. These bottom wipers can make it easier for the disabled or the elderly; they cannot reach around to clean themselves anymore comfortably.  Furthermore, bottom wipers come in different sizes, and people can get them with folding alternatives and other roles. When you travel a lot, the compact travel bottom wipers will be an ideal alternative for you- the most common one is referred to as the compact, easy wipe. Cleaning facilities also come in bidet form, but they are less portable and compact, and portable compared to bottom wipers. The user will be able to enjoy a more fresh and clean experience than before by simply using regular toilet paper. The user will not have to worry about the paper; the bottom wipers release the paper with no necessity of touching it.

Bottom wipers are toiletry devices that can work with wet wipes or paper and are highly resilient and lightweight; therefore, when you are suffering from any back injuries, they are incapable of hurting due to heavyweight. The perfect type of bottom wipers will not feel like sandpaper because they are made with latex-free and soft materials. Also, it features an ergonomic shape to fit into the user’s hand for easier use easily. Furthermore, bottom wipers come in various sizes and even travel versions. They might include a soap dish inside the front to be applied with water at a convenient and comfortable temperature. Travel models are battery-operated, providing a wide variety of benefits that involve a self-contained operation, compact designs, and several nozzles.

Finally, there is immense love for bottom wipers from the elderly and disabled. Particularly, there are numerous patients, individuals with disabilities, and those who have difficulties reaching far who enjoy the bottom wipers from Patient Handling. Patients proclaim their joy regarding the lengths and shapes being ideal for their unique needs and individuals with no degree of discomfort. Independence can be achieved with our compact bottom wipers that can fit into a bag and effortlessly bring back the user’s confidence, which might have disappeared when particular diseases, aging, surgery, and others occur.

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