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Crutches, Walking Sticks and Canes

Crutches and walking sticks are mobility aids for people with lower body injury or lifelong disability that help to transfer weight from legs to upper body.

There are several different types of crutches:

Forearm Crutches - Forearm crutch can be used by inserting the arm into a cuff and holding the grip.

Underarm Crutches - or axilla crutch, is used by placing the upped pad beneath the armpit and holding the grip beneath the pad

Platform Crutches - less common type of crutches used by those with weak arm grip. The arm is placed on a horizontal platform and strapped in place.

Leg Support - not very common crutches, injured leg is strapped into a support frame that simultaneously holds the lower leg clear of the ground and transfers the pressure from the ground to the user's knee or thigh.

If you need any assistance choosing a right walking stick or crutch, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our showroom in Marrickville, Sydney.

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