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Dahl Engineering

Dahl Engineering, based in Denmark offers a specialised business model of product development, safety tests and production of various special products and equipment for a wide variety of automobiles.

These include vehicles for the disabled, ambulances, private cars, vans, buses, motor homes, racing cars, police cars, military vehicles, MPVs and most specifically, appliances and aids for people with a disability.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dahl Engineering was founded by Claus Dahl. Claus specialises in the field of development, safety testing and production of seats and safety equipment for the automobile industry.
At Dahl Engineering they offer:
Tests and trials in accordance with applicable EU directives and ISO standards
Co-operation with regard to research, product development and manufacture.
A test laboratory situated in a 1600-m2 factory for dynamic tests (crash tests) and tensile testing.
Production and sale of thoroughly tested standard components Complete, certified installation kits for vehicles.

The factory also contains a well-equipped prototype workshop and production facilities. Preparation of test objects for testing can be carried out at this prototype workshop which offers a large number of special-purpose machines.

Patient Handling is the Australian distributor for Dahl. We stock the Dahl Docking Station. When fitted to a vehicle the docking station allows for a wheelchair to be safely and securely docked to the car for transportation purposes.

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