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How to Choose a Walker
How to find the Right OT to meet your needs
Is it possible to install a ceiling hoist in my home?
5 Most Important Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Wheelchair
4 Reasons Why A Lift Chair is A Must for Elderly Independent Living
5 Must-Have Equipment To Move Patients Easily
Great living aids that will support your independent living
Home Care vs. Nursing Home: How to Evaluate the Best Option For Your Needs
Home Care vs Retirement Home. Pros and Cons
How to Choose The Right Ceiling Hoist for Your Space
How to Choose The Right Pressure Sore Cushion
How to Maintain Your Power Wheelchair
Improving Mobility In Your Home: Quick Fixes To Make Your Life Easier
Keeping your wheelchair running: 5 Maintenance tips.
Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs What You Can And Cannot Do on the Road
The Advantage of Using a Ceiling Hoist for Caregivers
The Benefits Of Medical Sheepskin Explained
The Role of an Occupational Therapist
The Ultimate Home for People With Reduced Mobility
Understand NDIS and How You Can Benefit From It
What Mobility and Transfer Products Are Covered by NDIS
Can a ceiling hoist be fitted to inside a Motor Home?
Choosing a Care Facility
Disability Equipment
Disability Child
Manual Handling
Mobility Equipment
Patient Transfer
Ceiling Hoists vs. Mobile Lifters. Which Solution is Best for Your Needs?
Equipment for Muscular Dystrophy from a clients perspective
FAQs and a Guide to considering Roho Pressure Cushions
Home Care Vs Retirement Home. Pros And Cons
How an Occupational Therapist Can Help You
How slide sheets and transfer assist trolleys are improving patient and carer safety
How to Adjust the Brakes on an Ellipse Rollator / Walker
How to charge a Molift Battery
How to Choose a Walker
How to choose the best therapeutic cushion for your needs
How to Easily Travel in Public Transport with a Wheelchair
ISCRR Review – Linking Worker Health and Safety with Patient Outcomes
Making the business case for safe patient handling
Molift Ceiling Hoists
NDIS Case Studies #1
NDIS Case Studies #2
Notice: Senate Inquiry: The Need for Regulation of Mobility Scooters and Motorised Wheelchairs
Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist – What are the Differences?
Preventing Falls in the Bathroom – 5 Easy Tips to Stay Safe
Reducing Veterinarian Risk: Lifting and rehabilitating animals
Safe Patient Transfer Tips for Caregivers
TA iQ MWD Electric Wheelchair – A customer testimonial
Taking your power wheelchair on a plane. 5 things you should know
Top 11 Accessories to Improve Comfort in a Wheelchair
Top 5 Mobility Aids In 2020
Top 5 reasons to choose a Molift Ceiling Hoist System
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Molift Rail System Components
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Molift Rail System Hardware
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Mobility & Disability Products for Motor Neurone Disease
Mobility & Disability Products for Osteoporosis
Mobility & Disability Products for Parkinson’s Disease
Mobility & Disability Products for Post Surgery Recovery
Mobility & Disability Products for Quadriplegia / Paraplegia
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Airgo Fusion Side Folding Rollator and Transport Chair
Bath Transfer Bench – Heavy Duty
Patient Handling Bed Heel Elevator
Patient Handling Bed Ladder Strap
Bed Pan
Patient Handling Bed Rail Protector
Patient Handling Bed Sensor Alarm
KCare Bed Wedge
Betterliving Non-Slip Bedside Safety Mat
Better Living Cushion Seating Wedge
Better Living Over Bath Swivel Chair
Biofreeze Pain Relief Cream
Bodypoint 2-Point Padded Hip Belt
Breezy Basix 2 Self-Propel Wheelchair
Breezy Basix RubiX2 Bariatric Wheelchair
Bullsone Balance Seat Cushion
Patient Handling Chair Belt
Patient Handling Chair Pad Alarm
Patient Handling Chair Slider Belt
Carequip Cobra Bed Stick
Performance Health Combi Reacher Long – 80cm
Dawson Bed Stick
Days Comfort Chair
Days Economy Bedside Commode
Days Folding Ball Walker / Walking Frame
Days Gutter Walker with Handbrakes
Days Over Bed Table
Days Swift Self Propel Wheelchair
Days Tilting Over Bed Table
Days Walker – Ski Glides
Days Walker – Wheels
Decpac Standard Edge Barrier Ramp
Decpac Multipurpose Ramp
Decpac Personal Ramp
Decpac Senior Ramp
Care Quip Deluxe Basketweave Bedside Commode
Deluxe Bedside Commode – Hinged Seat
Deutscher Lexia Upholstered Bed
Deutscher Side Mounted Fixed Bed Stick
Deutscher Side Mounted Folding Bed Stick
Deutscher Walmsley Home Care Bed – WM Series
Dropside Bed Rail
Performance Health Economy Female Urinal 800ml
Carequip Economy Over Toilet Aid
Carequip Economy Shower Chair – Steel
KCare Economy Shower Stool
KCare Economy Toilet Support Frame
Carequip Economy Toilet Surround – Support Frame
EquaGel Adjustable Protector Cushion
EquaGel General Cushion
EquaGel Protector Cushion
Etac Clean Mobile Shower Chair / Commode
Etac Swift Mobil-2 Shower Commode
Etac Swift Mobil Tilt – 2 Shower Commode with Pan Holder
Patient Handling Evacuation Sheet
Carequip Female Adaptor for Spil Pruf Urinal
Carequip Female Urinal 1 Litre
Folding Bedside Commode
Peak Care Folding Over Toilet Aid
Patient Handling Foot Plate Protectors
Carequip Forearm Walker
Funke Mattress – Maxx 250
Funke X Seat Cushion
Performance Health Handi Reacher
Handy Bar – Car Transfer Bar
Carequip Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Hogg RL60 Wheelchair Stair Lift
Homecraft Bottom Wiper
Homecraft Curved Transfer Board
Homecraft Easy Bar – Suction Grab Rail
Homecraft Folding Bottom Wiper
Homecraft Food Preparation System
Homecraft Kitchen Work Station
I-Care IC333 King Single Bed – Base Only
Forte Icon 13 1000 Triple Layer Pressure Mattress
iRamp Portable Carbon Ramp
Jay Fusion Cushion (With Fluid Insert)
Juvo Hybrid Shower Commode
Juvo Self Propelled Shower Commode
Juvo Tilt in Space Shower Commode
Karma Anti Tip Bars for Eagle
Karma Anti Tip Bars for Ergo Lite Deluxe
Karma Anti Tip Bars for Ergo Lite
Karma Anti Tip Bars for Flexx
Karma Anti Tip Bars for S-Ergo 115/125
Karma Eagle Wheelchair
Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe Self-Propel Wheelchair
Karma Ergo Lite Deluxe Transit Wheelchair
Karma Ergo Lite – Transit Wheelchair
Karma Flexx Self-Propel Wheelchair
Karma KP-25.2 Power Wheelchair
Karma MVP-502 Recline Wheelchair
Karma S-Ergo 125 Self-Propel Wheelchair
Karma S-Ergo 125 Transit Wheelchair
Karma VIP 515 Tilt in Space Wheelchair
Karma Wheelchair Rear Carry Bag
Karma Wheelchair Travel Bag
Kingston Low Back Aluminium Chair
Kingston Low Back Steel Chair
Carequip Male Urinal Spil -Pruf
Male Urinal Bottle With Lid
Carequip Male Urinal
Merits Maverick 10 Power Wheelchair
Merits Maverick 12 Power Wheelchair
Merits Maverick 14 Power Wheelchair
Molift Air 200 Ceiling Hoist Motor
Molift Air 205 Ceiling Hoist Motor
Molift Air 300 Ceiling Hoist Motor
Molift Air 350 Ceiling Hoist Motor
Molift Air 500 Ceiling Hoist Motor
Molift Battery Charger
Molift Battery for Mover 205, Mover 300 and Partner 255
Molift Battery for Smart 150 and Mover 180
Molift Charger for Nomad and Air Ceiling Hoists
Molift Duo Gantry Frame
Molift Hand Control for Mover 180, Quick Raiser and Partner
Molift Hand Control for Nomad and Air
Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter
Molift Mover 205 Mobile Patient Lifter
Molift Mover 300 Bariatric Patient Lifter
Molift Nomad Cart
Molift Nomad Extension Arm
Molift Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist
Molift Partner 255 Hoist with Ambulating Arms
Molift Partner 255 Mobile Patient Hoist
Molift Quattro Gantry Frame
Molift Quick Raiser 205 Sit to Stand Hoist
Molift Raiser Belt
Molift Raiser Pro Sit to Stand Transfer Platform
Molift Raiser Soft Handles
Molift Rgo Sling Ambulating Vest
Molift Rgo Sling Amputee – Medium and High Back
Molift Rgo Sling Groin Strap (for Ambulating Vest)
Molift Rgo Sling Medium & High Back
Molift Rgo Sling Net Bathing – Medium & High Back
Molift Rgo Sling Toilet – Low Back and High Back
Molift RgoSling Active – for Quickraiser 205
Molift Scale for Mover 180 and Molift Air
Molift Smart 150 Hand Control
Molift Smart 150 Folding Portable Patient Lifter
Molift Smart Hard Travel Case
Molift Smart Soft Travel Case
Molift Split Scoop Stretcher 300 kg
Murray Bridge High Back Chair
Murray Bridge Low Back Chair
Netti 3 Comfort Wheelchair (Dynamic System)
Netti 4U CE Plus Comfort Wheelchair
Netti 4U CED Comfort Wheelchair (Dynamic System)
Novis AreaCare Plus Pressure Mattress
Novis AreaCare Pro Pressure Mattress
Novis ProCair Alternating Mattress System
Novis ProCair Plus – Alternating Mattress System
Novis Procair Prime Alternating Mattress Replacement
Novis ProCair Pro Alternating Mattress System
Patient Handling One Way Seating Aid
Oscar Barwon Lift Chair
Oscar Calm Lift Recliner Chair
Oscar Hudson Lift Chair
Peak Over Bed Table with Split/Tilt Top
Patient Handling Hook & Loop Walk Belt
Patient Handling Leg Lifter
Performance Health Shower Stool with Arms
Peak Adjustable Foam Bed Wedge With 2 Way Stretch Cover
Peak Bath Board With Handle – 69.5cm
Peak Corner Shower Stool
Peak Care Deluxe Side Folding Walking Frame
Peak Care Meteor 6″ Lightweight Rollator
Peak Care Ellipse 6″ Petite Rollator
Peak Care Ellipse 6″ Rollator
Peak Ellipse 8″ Rollator
Peak Care Ellipse 8″ Tall Rollator
Peak Care Ellipse Lite Aluminium Rollator
Peak Care Ellipse Super Lite Carbon Fibre Rollator
Peak Care Knee Cruiser
Peak Lumbar Cushion
Peak Care Meteor XSmall Rollator
Peak Non Slip Bath and Shower Mat
Peak Care Pioneer 10 Scooter
Peak Care Pioneer 11 Scooter
Peak Care Taima Rollator With Cross Bar
Peak Venus Transit Wheelchair
Peak Care Wheelchair Cushion
Peak Ellipse Lite Aluminium Outdoor Rollator
Peak Portable Folding Ramp
Peak Heel and Elbow Protector
Peak Neptune Self Propel Wheelchair
Peak Over Bed Table with Tilt
Peak Quad Cane
Peak Sigma Foldable Electric Home Care Single Bed
Peak Sigma Foldable Electric King Single Bed
Peak Supreme Mould Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion
Peak Transfer Bath Bench with Back
Pedal Exerciser
Performance Health Adjustable Height Trolley Walker
Performance Health Sure Tread Shower Mat
PPS Disposable Glide – Lateral Air Transfer System
KCare Premium Aluminium Shower Chair
KCare Premium Over Toilet Aid
KCare Premium Shower Stool – Wide Seat
Premium Shower Stool with Backrest
Premium Toilet Support Frame
Pride C101 Recliner Lift Chair
Pride C5 Lift Chair
Pride D30 Lift Chair
Pride L560 Lift Chair
Pride LC-101 Leather Lift Chair
Pride LC 107 Twin Motor Lift Chair
Pride Petite C1 Lift Chair
Foot Stool with Vinyl Padding
Peak Raised Toilet Seat with Swing Back Arms
Roho Airlite Cushion
Roho Commode Cushion
Roho Contour Select Cushion
Roho Enhancer Cushion with Cover
Roho High Profile Dual Compartment Cushion
Roho High Profile Quadtro Select Cushion
Roho High Profile Single Compartment Cushion
Roho Low Profile Dual Compartment Cushion
Roho Low Profile Quadtro Select Cushion
Roho Low Profile Single Compartment Cushion
Roho LTV (Love That Valve) Seat Cushion
Roho Mosaic Cushion
Roho Nexus Spirit Cushion
Roho Prodigy Mattress Overlay
Roho Pump
Roho Recliner Cushion
Roho COVER ONLY – Single and Dual Valve
Roho Smart Check Pressure Cushion Feedback Tool
Rolyan Lower Extremity Abduction Pillow
Patient Handling Rotating Transfer Seat Cushion
Shear Comfort Day Chair Overlay
Shear Comfort Single and King Single Bed Overlay
Shear Comfort Double and Queen Bed Overlay
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Arm Support Protectors
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Calf Protectors
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Cushion It
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Elbow Protectors
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Foot Plate Protectors
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Heel Protector
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Palm Protector (each)
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Pressure Care Assistant
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Pressure Care Boot
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Shampoo and Conditioner – 1 litre
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Short Slipper Boot
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Sovereign Snugs
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Tall Slipper Boot
Shear Comfort Sheepskin Wrap Around Boot
Shear Comfort Standard Overlay
Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley
Patient Handling Shower Dignity Drape
Patient Handling Single Patient Use Slide Sheet – 10 Pack
Skil-Care Gel Foam Toilet Seat Cushion
Skil Care Multi Purpose Econo-Gel Cushion
Skil Care Thin-Line Gel-Foam Cushion
Patient Handling Slide Gloves – Pair
Patient Handling Slide Sheet
Sliding Swivel Transfer Bench
Patient Handling Stand Up Alarm (NURSE CALL STATION REQ)
Performance Health Standard Bath Board With Handle – 78cm
KCare Static Bed Rail
Patient Handling Stocking Slider
TA Electric Toilet Lifter
TA Indoor Wave Power Chair
TA iQ Front Wheel Drive Power Chair
TA iQ Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair
TA iQ Paediatric Power Chair
TA iQ Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair
TA-iQ Stand Up Power Chair
TA Mobile Electric Shower / Toilet Lift
Theorem Alperton Lay Flat Recliner Lift Chair
Theorem Mercer Lay Flat Recliner Lift Chair
Theorem Seagrove Lay Flat Recliner Lift Chair
Theorem Studio Lay Flat Recliner Lift Chair
Peak Toilet Seat Raiser
Tripsafe Cable Cover for Carpet – 1.8 M
Tripsafe Cable Cover for Carpet – 10m
Tripsafe™ PVC Cable Cover for Hard Floors Grey 1.8M
Tripsafe™ PVC Cable Cover for Hard Floors Yellow 1.8M
Trust Care Indoor Walker
Trust Care Let’s Go Out Rollator with backrest and bag
Uccello Tipping Kettle
Carequip Urinal Bottle Holder
Varilite Icon Deep Back Support
Varilite Icon Low Back Support
Varilite Icon Mid Back Support
Varilite Icon Tall Back Support
Varilite Meridian Cushion
Patient Handling Walk Belt
How To Video Guides, User Manuals, Product Information and Tips for Living With Conditions
Ceiling Hoist and Patient Lifter Servicing
Ceiling Hoist Installation
Ceiling Hoists
How to use a Bed Heel Elevator
How to use a Bed Ladder Strap
How to use a Footplate Protector
How to use a Leg Lifter
How to use a Slide Sheet
How to use a Stand Up Alarm
How to use a Walk Belt
Molift Mover 180 patient lifter – User Manual
Molift Partner 255 patient lifter – User Manual
Molift Smart 150 foldable lifter – User Manual
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Home Modifications
How To Guides
User Manuals
Product Returns
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