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Motor Neurone Disease

Motor Neurone Disease is a disease that results in the nerve cells (neurones) within the brain to rapidly degenerate and die. These nerve cells are responsible for controlling the muscles that allow us to speak, breathe, swallow and move our limbs. 

Motor Neurone Disease has been diagnosed as initial muscle weakness in the hands, feet or voice box. Due to the degenerative nature of this disease, people diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease become increasingly disabled, with life expectancy reducing to one to five years following diagnosis.

The requirements of those affected by Motor Neurone Disease are varied and become increasingly complex throughout the duration of the patient’s life. Following diagnosis, individuals may experience the following at varying degrees:

  • Generalised paralysis (paralysis of both sides of the body)
  • Loss of speech and experience difficulty swallowing food and saliva
  • Experience and reflect mild cognitive and behavioural change
  • Become increasingly dependent on others for all aspects of day-to-day activity

This requires significant specialised carer assistance and products to provide the best possible care and assistance to ensure the best quality of life for people diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. We have selected from our product range items that we believe can assist you or your loved one in overcoming some of the daily challenges presented by Motor Neurone Disease.

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