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Netti 3 Comfort Wheelchair (Dynamic System)

Netti 3
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The Netti 3 comfort wheelchair offers optimal customisation by way of its many settings and adjustments.  This allows for individual adaptation and variation to provide comfort and relief for the user.

Various Sitting Positions Ideal for users who are seated for a prolonged period. The backrest angle feature provides necessary rest and relief.  When the user wants to be active, the chair can be tilted forward.  This also offers assistance when transferring in or out of the chair.

Sliding Seat Plate This is an ideal aid for an easier transfer and also to position the user.  When seated in the chair, the seat plate is pushed in to ensure the user is well positioned in the back of the chair.  This feature is useful for people who use are Patient Lifter or Mobile Hoist.  It also suits people with knee contraction.

Good Support for the Upper Body The backrest enhances the support that the back cushion provides to the upper body. When the chair is adjusted to best suit the user, the backrest shape is adjusted with six straps in such a way that the lumbar curve and curvature of the spine of the user are supported as much as possible. The continuous adjustment of the seat cushion height facilitates the perfect, customised fit.

Netti Seating System All Netti wheelchairs are fitted with optimum head control as well as back and seat cushions specifically designed to provide stability and pressure distribution. This is crucial for users who spend many hours in a chair each day.  Additionally, the back cushion allows for good freedom of movement during activities.

Maintaining Sitting Position The backrest hinge and its placement are unique to Netti wheelchairs. This solution ensures that the user does not slide forward when the backrest is reclined. Together with the foot supports it prevents bad sitting position, shear forces and pressure ulcers.

Lightweight for Manoeuvrability Weighing approximately 30 kg

Dynamic back, head support and leg supports Netti 3 with added dynamic components becomes the ideal wheelchair for restless users or users with movement disorders. Back, head support and leg supports can be supplied in a dynamic variant. The chair then absorbs the user’s extension movements. Netti 3 HD is also available as complete Netti Dynamic System with a dynamic seatplate.

Customised individualisation Because of its flexible design, the Netti 3 permits individual custom adaptations. The Netti 3 often serves as a basis for special adaptations for users with particular requirements.

User Adaptation The Netti 3 has the highest number of accessories on the market. Thanks to its flexible design, it can be configured to match the user’s special needs. 


Sliding seat plate
Various seat heights achievable through a large selection of main wheels and castors
Numerous back cushion options with up to 60 cm back height
Seat width flexibility possible
Selectable dynamic components
Wide accessory range with innumerable solutions
Low weight - easy to manoeuvere 

Suitable for

Geriatrical weakness / Reduced mobility
Cognitive Impairment after brain damage
Demential Impairment
Hemiplegical Impairment
Multiple Sclerosis
Chorea Huntington


Seat Width: 35 - 50 cm
Seat Depth: 40 - 50 cm
Back Height: 50 cm (60cm)
Seat Height: 46cm / 49cm (40.5 cm - 51.5 cm)
Tilt: 9 to 16 degrees
Back Angle: 86 to 133 degrees
Chair Weight: 30 kg
Max. User Weight: 145 kg

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