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Netti 4U CED Comfort Wheelchair (Dynamic System)

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The Netti 4U CED Dynamic Comfort Wheelchair features the narrowest overall width on the market.  It is only 18 cm wider than the seat width. This makes the wheelchair suitable for places with limited space and narrow doorways. The light weight and foldable frame of the wheelchair makes it easy to transport. The chair offers excellent ergonomic solutions and is user friendly with its functional red operating handles. The armrests can be folded up to facilitate side and sling transfer. The seat unit is customised for good stability, support and comfort.

The Netti 4U CED is the economic version of the Netti 4U CE Plus model with the same weight and narrow overall width. The chair is easy to push and manoeuvre, even in narrow spaces. It has a back unit with integrated back support with built-in lumbar and side supports.


Adaptable Many opportunities for adaption to suit the individual user

Ergonomic Push Bar This allows for the carer to easily reach the user.  The angle can also be adjusted continuously to meet the requirements of the user.  The soft padding provides a comfortable grip.  It can be folded forward to decrease total length.

Flexible Armrests The armrest swings back behind the backrest.  This facilitates sitting at a table and eases transfer. The depth of the armrest pad can be adjusted, allowing the user to get closer to the table without lowering the armrest. Adjusting the armrest depth also eases transfer out of the chair.

Flexible Seat Depth The seat depth can be easily adjusted without changing any components. The depth can be adjusted by a full 8 cm by merely adjusting the backrest hinges. By adjusting the extenders the seat depth can be increased by another 5 cm.

Sitting Variation The Netti wheelchair allows various sitting positions, which are optimal for users sitting in the chair for long periods. The backrest angle feature provides the necessary rest and relief. If the user wants to be active, the chair can be tilted forward. This is an advantage when the user is transferred in or out of the chair.

User Friendly Operating points clearly marked in red for easy operation

Additional Features Backrests with height-adjustable back cushion and adjustable strap for accurate fit. • Revolvable arm support with depth-adjustable arm pad allows the user to sit closer to the table. • Simply adjusted push bow. • Base for the complete Netti Dynamic System. • Netti Dynamic components can be selected.

Suitable For
Geriatrical weakness / Reduced mobility
Cognitive Impairment after brain damage
Demential Impairment
Hemiplegical Impairment
Multiple Sclerosis
Chorea Huntington
Cerebral Palsy
Increased spastical patterns

Seat Width: 35 - 60 cm
Seat Depth: 42.5 - 50 cm
Back Height: 50 - 60 cm
Seat Height: 46.5 - 50 cm (44cm without cushion)
Weight of Unit: 30 kg
Tilt: -5 to 20 degrees
Recline: 90 to 135 degrees
Crash Tested: Standard ISO 7176-19
User Weight Capacity: 160 kg

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  • Netti 4U CED Comfort Wheelchair
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