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In Australia, over 1 million individuals are affected by Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone that occurs when the body either loses vital minerals or does not produce enough or in some cases, both. Lacking the vital building blocks that provide density, bones will become weak and brittle, increasing the risk of breaking from falls and in extreme cases from small bumps or even sneezes. Treatment can include calcium and vitamin D supplements, exercise and specific osteoporosis medicines.

Osteoporosis can have an increased likelihood of development for people of certain medical histories and family history. These can include:

  • Being female can increase your changes of experiencing Osteoporosis, although 1 in 3 fractures are detected in men
  • Post-menopausal women due to the reduction of oestrogen produced by the body
  • Having a history of Osteoporosis in the family can increase risk factors
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle with unbalanced diet resulting in inadequate calcium
  • Little time in direct sunlight, leading to low vitamin D intake – Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps the body absorb and process the calcium mineral

Osteoporosis can go undetected for long periods due to the lack of obvious symptoms, which can lead to longer treatment and recovery time. If you believe you may be affected by Osteoporosis, speak to your doctor about bone density testing. 

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