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Post Surgery Recovery

To ensure that a full recovery is made post surgery, it is important to consider not only the time spent in hospital, but the period after being discharged and at home as a vital part of recovery that must be planned and managed. Post surgery recovery should be first priority until provided feedback from your assigned Healthcare Professional that they are satisfied with the overall outcome and your health and you are able to resume your regular lifestyle.

Before your surgery, it is recommended that you create a list of questions to ask your specialist around the recovery period and what you will and will not be able to do during this period. Once this information has been given to you, ensure that you have a plan in place using the information provided and you have prepared your home for your return.

Some questions that should be considered are:

  • Will I need home modifications?
  • Will I need to maintain a certain diet?
  • Do the medications I will be taking have any major side affects I should be aware of?
  • Will I need specialised equipment within my home?
  • What will my recovery look like – will I need any rehabilitation/other therapies?
  • Will I need a carer during this time?

Mobility products and utensils can support you with everyday activities to ensure no extra stress or strain is inflicted to the body and can assist with both the recovery time and final outcome of the surgery. We offer a range of products that are able to support a number of daily activities and ensure that post surgery recovery is as easy as possible. 

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