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Reha Technology

Reha Technology AG is devoted to providing the most effective rehabilitation for movement disorders to allow for the best quality of life. Through continually creating the most innovative robotic-assisted devices, they have brought advanced technology to the market and extended the possibilities of rehabilitation.

Whilst still in its early stages, Reha Technology has received very positive results and aims to become a market leader in robotic –assisted systems for neurorehabilitation. The Swiss company has already become a world-wide distributor with direct operations in the USA and India, with plans to expand into Latin America.

Reha Technology uses the most recent research on the effectiveness of robot-assisted training for various conditions to design and manufacture their leading technologies. This continual advancement in knowledge is paramount to the effectiveness and success of their technologies in neurorehabilitation. .

At the core of Reha Technology is the desire to improve quality of life for all those requiring rehabilitation from illness or accident. Reha Technology is focussed entirely on rebuilding functional ability and skills for daily life, with the foremost goal of maximising patient’s independence.

Patient Handling is the Australian supplier for these Reha Technology products
Reha Technology Armotion: a robotic device used to progressively rehabilitate the upper extremity from neuromuscular and neurological dysfunction, and orthopaedic conditions.
Reha Technology First Mover: An in-bed, end-effector device used in the earliest stage of post-stroke motor and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.
Reha Technology G-EO System – Robotic Gait Trainer: the most advanced robotic-assisted device in gait rehabilitation, and the only device to offer realistically simulated stair climbing, providing assistance with multiple applications such as for stroke survivors, and  people with traumatic brain  and spinal cord injuries.

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