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Roho Smart Check Pressure Cushion Feedback Tool

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    The Roho Smart Check is a cushion feedback system. It is used to check the inflation range of a Roho cushion during cushion set up. It can also assist during subsequent inflation level checks. The indicators are used to check whether inflation or deflation adjustments are needed to return to saved inflation level. The device is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It features a press to check inflation monitor and also stores the individual cushions inflation level. Additional modes include Smart and Optional Set Up. The unit is able to reset in order to store new inflation levels to allow for physiological changes over time. It is a battery operated device with an automatic power off function. The unit detaches from the cushion when not in use. It is durable and easy to clean and disinfect.

    The Smart Check is for use with Roho single valve cushions with Sensor Ready Technology:
    Roho Mid Profile Single Compartment Cushion
    Roho High Profile Single Compartment Cushion
    oho Single Valve Hybrid Elite Cushion

    The product includes: Smart Check device, operation manual (also see below to download manual), registration card and storage case

    Height: 10.2cm

    Width: 4.1cm
    Depth: 2.1cm
    Weight: 68 grams
    Tubing Length: 30.5cm
    Warranty: 24 months
    Construction: Unit: Polycarbonate with polyester face plate; Storage Case: Polystyrene; Tubing: Polyurethane; Quick Disconnect: AcetaP


    Smart Check - Check Instructions (01:50)
    • Smart Check - Check Instructions

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    1. Not accurate enough to be useful  star rating

      Posted by Geoff & Jan Francis on 21st Apr 2020

      It gives same result if you put air in or out. It isn’t accurate enough to rely on.
      Firstly it said it was right, but I didn’t think it had enough air, so we put more air in, but smart check still said it was right, whereas it should have now said too much air.
      Then another day it said it needed air out which we did, but it was still saying more out. We didn’t let any more out as felt that was enough.
      But check still saying needed to let more out, which we didn’t do, then checked it again in an hour and now it said it’s right, even though we changed nothing.
      So it can’t be relied on as it has been wrong as per examples.

      We have given up using it as it is no use as can’t be relied on for accurate result and a waste of money.