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Shear Comfort

Shear Comfort offer a unique range of bedding and comfortable lays created with XD1900 material, produced by medical grade sheep’s wool that has been woven into a non-leather backing to create density and assist with pressure redistribution.

Shear Comfort’s premium products are made with a combination of selected wools from a cross-breed of Australian Merino sheep and an English breed which produces a coarser wool fibre creating a wool that is soft to the skin whilst holding shape under pressure allowing pressure redistribution. 

Supporting the ease of use and care of Shear Comfort products, Shear Comfort ensures their products carry the UR mark for being Urine Resistant. In the case of many natural sheepskin products, having contact with urine can deteriorate both the fibre and the natural leather. Shear Comfort products being urine resistant will not deteriorate in any form and are washable in the case of incontinence.

Shear Comfort products also offer the ability to be washed over 80°C allowing hygiene and medical grade cleaning to take place. Products made with the XD1900 material are able to be washed using standard household detergents making them easy to use in the home as well as wheelchairs and in cars for travelling. All Shear Comfort products are guaranteed to not only meet, but surpass the Australian Medical Sheep Skin Standard AS4480.1 which stipulates that the wool is of a quality that can perform as a medical device. Shear Comfort has been recognised for this standard as a medical device to be used for pressure distribution purposes in a wide range of care facilities and home environments. 

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