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TA iQ Paediatric Power Chair

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The TA iQ Paediatric Power Chair is a front wheel drive with unique manoeuvrability making it easy to manage both indoor and outdoor.  The seating system is designed to grow with the user.  As the user grows the seat can be upgraded from a width of 27 cm up to 55 cm.  This will accommodate an adult up to the weight of 140 kg.  The chair can be supplied with a Varilite seating system which includes many different back and pillow types in various sizes.  Other seating and back rest systems can also be fitted.  As the seat plate and back support bracket can be adjusted from 27cm to 55cm width it allows great flexibility and the possibility of redeploying the chair for other users.

TA iQ Paediatric Power Chair features a small drive wheel which is mounted on gas shocks with an adjustable coil spring to provide great soft suspension and a quiet rid over bumps. The suspensions is highly flexible and combined with pneumatic wheels it provides a smoother ride comfort and improved climbing over bumps and obstacles, reducing unwanted jolts.

With a minimum seat plate height of 38 cm/15" the TA Paediatric chairs fit under most tables and school desks. A 30 cm seat lift from 38 cm up to 68 cm allows improved communication as well as making it easier to reach items on shelves or in cupboards.  The seat is Hi-Lo Electric with a lift height of 30cm which is made possible by a discrete column.

The chair can be programmed specifically for the users needs, like all models in the TA iQ product line.  It can also be supplied with a colour display control box and simple icons that makes it easy to scan the menu, or with a control box without display but with symbols for all of the chairs functions.

TA powerchairs have been independently crash tested according to International Safety Standard ISO 7176-19 and 10542-5 with all power functions fitted.  Testing was whilst occupant was seated in the powerchair therefore it may not be necessary to transfer to a vehicle seat for safety.


Max Speed Forward 10km/h

Max Speed Backward 5km/h

Max User Weight 140kg

Lifting Height 30cm

Tilt in Space 45 degrees

Driving Distance Up to 40km

Length Without Leg Supports 82cm 

Width Without Seat 58cm

Seat Mounting Height Top Plate 38cm

Paediatric Seat Width Minimum 25cm

Paediatric Seat Depth Adjustable

Turning Radius 65cm

Tyres (front/drive wheel) Width 58cm


TA Service "IQ" MWD successfully crash tested with Dahl Docking Station (00:32)
See our website http://www.dahlengineering.dk for more information about Dahl Docking Station. This video shows TA Service "IQ MWD" being crash tested with positive result according to ISO standards 7176-19 & 10542-5. Bitte besuchen Sie unsere Website http://www.dahlengineering.dk für weitere Informationen zur Dahl Docking Station. Dieses Video zeigt Crash Test mit positivem Resultat von TA Service "IQ MWD" nach ISO Standards 7176-19 & 10542-5. Besøg vores hjemmeside http://www.dahlengineering.dk for yderligere informationer om Dahl Docking Station. Denne video viser crashtest med positiv resultat af TA Service "IQ MWD" i henhold til ISO standards 7176-19 & 10542-5. Pour plus d'informations sur la station d'arrimage, merci de visiter notre site http://www.dahlengineering.dk. Cette vidéo montre le crash test du fauteuil roulant TA Service IQ MWD, validé suivant les normes ISO 10542-5 et 7176-19.
  • TA Service "IQ" MWD successfully crash tested with Dahl Docking Station
    See our website http://www.dahlengineering.dk for more inform...
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