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Testimonial by Andrew Grant



My name is Andrew, I am 45 and I have a degenerative neuromuscular disease that has left me unable to stand or walk, and doesn’t allow me much use of my arms. Three years ago my occupational therapist and I went to Patient Handling in Marrickville looking for a hoist to help me with transfers to and from my manual wheelchair. This was our third visit to disability equipment stores looking at hoists and so we were surprised to find that Patient Handling not only displayed a range of free standing hoists but also had a ceiling mounted hoist installed in the showroom.

After trying a couple of the free standing hoists and agreeing that they didn’t suit my specific needs, I tried the ceiling hoist and was instantly won over by the comfort and maneuverability the Molift system offered, and the price was not much more than the free standing hoist. Patient Handling arranged the delivery and installation and I was then able to maintain my independence in the home .
The hoist was the first step in keeping me in my own home, and since then I have also acquired a TA electric wheelchair from Patient Handling, a piece of equipment that enabled me to continue with my studies at University and has allowed me the freedom to travel and to access places that I thought no longer possible. As my condition deteriorates and my equipment needs expand Patient Handling have been there keeping pace the entire time, always willing to drop by my house and make adjustments or help me problem solve the latest equipment needs, whatever they may be.

Patient Handling is a family run business and that really sets them apart when it comes to the delivery of customer service. Their patience and empathy have have been invaluable to me over the last three years and have helped alleviate the anxiety that comes from struggling with a physical disability and the search for equipment to meet ever changing needs.

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