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Top 5 Mobility aids in 2020

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Mobility aids are devices designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence.

In Australia, over 600.000 people with disabilities or injuries, or older adults who are at increased risk of falling, choose to use mobility aids to be more independent, to reduce their pain, and to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Going where you like, and staying mobile has a significant impact on your overall quality of life. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the right mobility aid, so you can enjoy everyday activities without having to rely on anyone else.

Patient Handling top 5 Mobility aids in 2020:

1. TA Stand Assist Office Chair

This chair is designed for assisting users in standing or sitting down, allowing them to be independent in many situations. It makes a shift from bed to other furniture easy and comfortable. This office chair has an electrical lift and brake function, both of which are activated by buttons on the armrest.

The braking system means both roll and turn capability are locked at the same time. This chair is easily adjustable to meet the user's requirements and has adjustable armrest height, width and length and seat depth.

TA Stand Assist Office Chair

2. Molift Duo Gantry Frame

Molift Duo makes moving and transportation easier, not only for the patient but for the carer as well. This style of hoist is ideally suited to clients who may be in rented accommodation or have premises that are not suited to a conventional ceiling hoist installation.

Gantry systems can be erected in minutes and provide all of the basic functionality of an installed rail. The Duo Gantry System has a lifting capacity of up to 300 kg.

Molift Duo Gantry Frame

3. Hogg RL 60 Wheelchair Stair Lift

The Hoegg RL60 is a unique solution for the wheelchair user to be completely independent and mobile. It ensures a comfortable transportation between different floors while meeting the highest safety standard.

Boarding, departure and parking areas can be adapted to suit your needs and local conditions. Attaching the wheelchair to the ceiling lift is simple and does not require physical strength. The lift is also very easy to operate.

Hogg RL 60 Wheelchair Stair Lift

4. Molift SMART 150 Folding Portable Patient Lifter

The Molift Smart 150 is a foldable, lightweight, portable patient lifter designed to be easily wheeled and transported. The 4-point sling bar is standard and allows the user to slide into a natural, correct seating position, from lying to sitting and vice versa.

As it is a travel hoist, it is ideally suited for use in-home-care, for travelling and transporting in a car or to be easily stored. When folded, the Molift Smart portable hoist is compact enough to fit into a Toyota Yaris

Molift SMART 150 Folding Portable Patient Lifter

5. TA IQ Stand up Power Chair

The TA IQ Stand up Power Chair is a highly manoeuvrable wheelchair that's easy to manage and get around for both indoor and outdoor. It's offering all the power seat functions of the TA-iQ chair as well as an innovative way for the user to stand.

You will be able to climb better of obstacles with a save stability, turn tighter, and have a smoother transfer. The positioning of these drive wheels at the front allow the chair to move in closer to tables, sinks and cupboards.

There are two options for driving to choose from; Sit to Stand or Lay to Stand. The drive mode is also made easier at a standing angle.

TA IQ Stand Up Power Chair

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