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Patient Transfer Aids

Patient Transfer Aids are practical aids which assist patients in transferring them from one position to another and helps to transfer patients with relative ease and with fewer staff. Please have a look at our range and if you have any questions about the transfer aids please give us a call. View other products in this category here:  Slide SheetsWalk BeltsPatient Evacuation AidsPatient Transfer Aids

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Patient Transfer Aids

Patient Transfer Aids are practical aids that assist patients in transferring them from one position to another and helps to transfer patients with relative ease and with fewer staff. Please have a look at our range of able assist transfer aids, and if you have any questions about the transfer aids, please give us a call.

We stock a range of other products under this category, including Slide SheetsWalk BeltsPatient Evacuation Aids and Patient Transfer Aids. and select from a range of high quality following brands:

It can be very challenging and difficult to take care of our loved ones with mobility issues, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. More often than not carer’s support is needed for everyday tasks, including bathing and even toileting. Bariatric transfer device technology can immensely reduce the physical difficulty the care provider requires for performing safe, secure, and efficient transfer in the home.

Many times attempting to choose the ideal able assist transfer aid can significantly help the person stay safely at home and provide excellent safety for the care provider.

Transfer equipment for the disabled protects the care provider. Often, the committed and passionate care providers will sacrifice their body’s health to take care of their loved ones. As a great care provider, one of the most incredible things you can do to offer protection to your loved one is to ensure you protect your own body. Accurately matched equipment transfer can immensely protect the caregiver’s safety.

Often there are remedies that might permit aspects of your preferred method of transfer, including weight-bearing, with various lift alternatives. It is vital to be aware as a carer that when you guard your own body, you automatically protect the person you care for.

Patient transfer equipment for the disabled protects the person being transferred. A person who is ideally matched with the suitable patient transfer devices can be securely and safely transferred, and common tactics to enhance positioning when helped up. Care provider’s knowledge and training are essential to any lift system, and various types of patient transfer equipment might have pros and cons in comparison. On the other hand, improper use of a regular Hoyer lift can result in the tipping of the lift and, therefore, a fall to the ground; relevant knowledge and instruction are crucial to any safe patient transfer aid alternative.

Furthermore, patient transfer aids can minimize the need and cost for extra caregivers. Having safe, secure, and efficient patient transfer equipment can offer smooth transfer management and make the procedure easier; many times, it needs fewer care providers to perform the transfer and aim it simple for the caregiver to manage activities, including positioning or other activities, including clothing management for bathroom activities. The cost of investing in an efficient patient transfer device or able assist transfer aid can pay for itself countless times over when it removes the necessity for additional carers. Also, patient transfer devices offer freedom.

Having more straightforward solutions of patient transfer management, which need few carers to support, provides freedom for accessing various places and the power to transfer whenever required. Depending less on an additional carer implies getting up from and even returning to the bed more regularly, accessing the bathroom more easily, and easier access from other mundane activities such as bathing or showering. Also, minimizing the carer’s needs with secure patient transfer devices also frequently offers immense privacy.

For more information about our high-quality patient transfer aids and able assist transfer aids, please contact us.

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