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Mobility Walkers & Rollator Walkers

We stock a large range of rollators from the economy level lightweight rollator through to the carbon fibre ultra-lightweight Ellipse rollator.  If you need assistance with selecting a rollator, please call our customer service team. View other products in this category here: Walking Sticks, Walking Frames, Mobility Scooters, Ramps, Mobility Aid Accessories


What are rollators and walkers?

Rollators and walkers are devices designed for users who are still reasonably steady on their feet but require modest mobility and balance support to give them independent confidence. They are similar to walking frames, however often feature wheels for smoother mobility.

How to adjust a rollator walker?

Stand behind the walker (as though you’re using it), lift the seat flap up and reach down to grasp the crossbar (reach under the basket if you can’t find it). Then pull up on that bar and the walker will fold. The wheels will be touching and the walker flattened, so you can easily store it as needed.

What brands of rollators and walkers does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Airgo, Days, Peak Care, Performance Health, Trust Care and much more.

Mobility Walkers & Rollator Walkers

Walking is an activity most people don’t even think twice about. Many of us go about our daily lives without considering the difficulties others may face when trying to something as simple as taking a few steps. Hundreds of thousands of people use mobility walkers on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons. Whether you have balance issues, get tired easily, have difficulty getting around, or have difficulty bearing weight, a rollator or disability walker may be for you.

There are a number of different walkers including walkers with wheels, disability walkers, mobility aid walkers, and even walkers with seats. So, what’s the difference between them all and which one do you need? The main categories of walkers are rollator walkers and walkers in general. The key difference between the two is that rollators are walkers with wheels while walkers do not have wheels.

A walker has four legs and all four of these legs stay in contact with the ground while you are moving. This walker must be lifted in order to move forward while a rollator is often referred to as a rolling walker with a seat. Rollator walkers also commonly referred to as ‘wheelie walkers’ have four wheels, brakes, and do not need to be lifted to move forward. Although the swivel wheels make rollators easy to maneuver, their size can be limiting in small spaces. Walkers aren’t nearly as easy to navigate, but they are much more stable since all four legs stay grounded. This makes mobility walkers a better choice for those with balance issues or those who have issues supporting their weight.

There are a number of brands that offer walkers for kids and walkers for the elderly including Airgo, Days, Peak Care, Performance Health, Trust Care, and more. These brands offer mobility walkers in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and price points. They can be used on a daily basis or whenever additional mobility support is needed.

There are a number of benefits to using walkers especially if you have a mobility or pre-existing health condition.

  • Safer Walks – A walker with wheels instantly adds to the safety of your walks. Whether walking through the house or just around the block, you will have increased stability and peace of mind knowing that you are being as safe as possible.
  • Longer Walks – Since walkers can reduce tension and weight-bearing, it allows you to walk longer distances than ever before for even longer periods of time. A walker can help you stay active and mobile when you are limited.
  • Additional Support – A number of people use walkers as a precaution as they are the next step up from a cane. Typically, this upgrade is made when a little extra support is needed. It’s a great option to have for situations when you know you’ll need a little extra support.
  • Reduced Stress on the Body – The extra support and weight-bearing place less stress on the body overall which can help to keep energy levels elevated and allow you to operate without overworking your muscles.
  • Increased Resting – It’s normal to get tired throughout the day and a walker gives you the ability to rest if you are having a lower energy day.

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