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Hospital Beds for Home

At Patient Handling, we have a range of beds to suit all needs. From the premium designed and manufactured Deutscher range of clinical and care beds to the I-Care and Peak Sigma beds specifically designed for the home care environment. We offer good value beds for use in hospitals, aged care facilities and for home care. View other products in this category here: Bed Sticks & PolesBed Wedges & Support PillowsBedside CommodesFall Prevention & Alarms, Mattress OverlaysOver Bed TablesPressure MattressesUrinals & Beds PansBedroom Accessories


What are home care beds?

Home care beds are beds specially designed for individuals in need of some form of health care. These beds have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the individual and for the convenience of health care workers They are often electric and will mimic hospital bed features.

What types of home care beds does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including upholstered beds, king single beds, electric home care beds and much more.

What brands of home care beds does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Deutscher, Peak Care and much more.

Hospital Beds for Home

When the first thought comes into your mind when hearing of adjustable beds or hospital beds, it might be the best time to be at par with contemporary alternatives. At Patient Handling, we have a broad range of adjustable beds mainly designed to meet all our clients’ needs. The uniquely designed and made Deutscher range of clinical and care beds to the I-Care and Peak Sigma beds was mainly manufactured to perfectly fit the home care setting. We are highly dedicated to provide the most superior quality beds for applications in hospitals, home care, and aged care facilities.

Adjustable beds, which can also be referred to as recliner beds, come with tremendous benefits. For instance, they make it easier for you to do some activities while in bed, such as reading, surfing the internet, watching TV, and many others.

At Patient Handling, we ensure that all our hospital beds for home are adjustable for you to acquire the best and most comfortable position to fit the activity you are performing. Also, for the back sleepers, mainly, an adjustable bed lets you raise your feet and head slightly for a more relaxed sleeping posture. Suppose you suffer from acid reflux or snoring, raising your head position with an electric bed can help reduce the symptoms that might be keeping you awake. Furthermore, if you have an injury on your lower body, including a broken leg or a sprained ankle, an electric bed permits you to raise your limbs; if you also experience poor circulation in your legs, this is an ideal product for you.

An adjustable bed provides a zero-gravity experience, offering pressure relief; therefore, you are weightless while sleeping and enjoy that recovery and recharge time you need. Besides, for older persons or individuals with injuries, having an adjustable bed helps you raise up and down seamlessly while getting in and out of bed more comfortably.

In as much as hospital beds, also referred to as reclining beds, offer medical benefits that aid in enhancing comfort and reducing pain, these are not their only benefits. This unique furnishing also assists in providing various lifestyle benefits that improve relaxation and improve sleep. Whether you are ideally healthy and perhaps feel that you do not require an electric bed, you might be perplexed by what contemporary alternatives have to provide. The following are various ways that a hospital bed can offer your health and general well-being.

  • Sleeping, eating, working, massaging, repeat. After a tedious day at work, nothing can be compared to a relaxing massage. Patient Handling is high;y committed to providing custom made adjustable beds that include massage features, frequently designed to meet our client’s needs.
  • Pre-bedtime comfort. If you enjoy reading a good book or maybe watching TV in the evening before bed, you can do so easily with an adjustable bed; it reduces backpressure.
  • Falling asleep faster. There are times when sleep does not come without a bit of struggle; hence an adjustable bed prevents fidgeting by providing the perfect position to help you get that goodnight sleeper faster.

These are among the many benefits of getting an adjustable bed. For more information regarding adjustable beds, please contact us at Patient Handling.

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