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Disability Bed Accessories

From Slide Sheets to Safety Mats, here you can find everything necessary for making the bedroom more comfortable to use for both carer and patient.   If you need any assistance in choosing the right product, do not hesitate to contact us. View other products in this category here: Bed Sticks & PolesBed RailsBed Wedges & Support PillowsBedside CommodesFall Prevention Devices & AlarmsHealthcare BedsHomecare BedsMattress OverlaysOver Bed TablesPressure MattressesUrinals & Beds Pans


What are bedroom accessories?

Bedroom accessories are items that can help assist an individual in making their bedroom safer, usable and more comfortable all while allowing a sense of independence.

What brands of bedroom accessories does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including bed rails, bed rail protectors, over bed tables, bed sensor alarms, wedges and support pillows, urinals and much more

What brands of bedroom accessories does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Better Living, Carequip, Days, Homecraft, Novis and much more.

Disability Bed Accessories

There are numerous bed aids for disabled people and the elderly. These aids can offer ease and comfort while caring for your loved one. Simple tools such as bed wedges and bed tables can make a huge difference for bed-bound individuals. For those needing a mattress or bed, our carefully selected range of bed aids for the disabled will make sure all your needs are fully met with the most superior quality brands and the latest design.

Patient Handling partners with the best brands to offer you the best bed aids for the disabled; they include: 

Good quality sleep is invaluable for everyone, let alone if you have a long-term disability or health condition. Therefore, comfortable bed aids for the disabled are essential, particularly if spending significant periods in bed. With the help of our bedroom aids, a user may remain somewhat independent in their home. At times this can be the difference between staying at home or moving to a care facility.

There are bed aids for the disabled that are designed to help an individual get in and out of bed. When you have challenges in accessing the bed, there are numerous assistive remedies that can assist with mobility in the bedroom. Bed rails can assist in preventing falls and slips while sleeping and provide assistance when getting out of and in bed. Also, full-length cot sides and bed bumpers are perfect for patient care and people who are bound in bed as they aid to prevent rolling and prevent falls from the bed and function well together with management devices. A rope ladder or bed hoist, depending on the help required, can be an easy addition to the bedroom that allows the user to pull themselves independently out of bed. 

In bed aids for the disabled, there is equipment designed specifically for sleeping. For people with disabilities and other health conditions that might influence one’s sleeping pattern or the quality of comfort you experience when in bed, some of the ideal remedies are simple sleeping aids. Protective bedding can provide you a dry night’s sleep when incontinence is a problem, and our broad range of backrests, specialist supports, and pillows can assist the user in positioning themselves comfortably while also remaining supported. Also, blanket cradles can protect the user from the duvet if they need the quilt raised away from them when they spend time on the bed.

Besides, bed aids for the disabled can also include pressure mattresses and home care beds. Suppose you are seeking to develop an accessible bedroom area and are beginning with the bed; you can select any of our profiling beds that can be applied to fit different user’s needs. You can also explore our pressure relief mattresses and specialist overlays which are made to improve comfort and offer a pressure-relieving surface to sleep on; most are also designed to work with an adjustable bed.  

We have years of experience in providing bed aids for the disabled; therefore, for more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us. 

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