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Slide Sheets

Find our range of slide sheets here at Patient Handling.  View other products in this category here: Walk BeltsPatient Evacuation AidsPatient Transfer Aids


What is a slide sheet?

Slide sheets are products used in assisting in the transfer of patients from one surface to another, generally from bed to bed.

How is a slide sheet used?

To learn how to use a slide sheet, refer to our user manual here:

What brands of slide sheets does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Patient Handling and much more.

Slide Sheets

Slide sheets are significant items for carers. Patient Handling is highly dedicated to providing you with the best quality slide sheets in Australia.

Under this category, we have other related products, including Walk BeltsPatient Evacuation AidsPatient Transfer Aids

Patient Handling slide sheets are an effective and easy way of helping a patient, and the carer, in transfer and movement. Slide sheets might help with transferring the patient to the bed; the bottom slide sheet against the top slide sheet slides and develops an easy and smooth transfer and movement. Slide sheets can aid in patient transfer to the bed; however, they can also be applied in the bathroom or on a piece of seating equipment.

Slide sheets are made to be applied in the transferring, moving, and repositioning of a patient with no need of lifting them from a certain place, for instance, the bed; they are vital for a patient’s mobility. Also, many slide sheets are used singularly; they fold in half; therefore, there are two layers that slide over each other effortlessly. With the patient placed on the top layer, they can be seamlessly moved as the sheet slides over itself. There are some slide sheets that can be applied in pairs: one is fixed underneath to function as a frictionless base layer to the moving top sheet. Pairs of slide sheets can be extremely helpful for heavy patients because the sheet will not be folded twice.

Additionally, slide sheets are smooth and have very minimal friction to ensure an easy movement and no friction burns or other types of discomfort to the patient. Their design is to make sure the process is as swift and effective as possible; they guarantee that the process is safer, simpler, and more comfortable for the carer and the patient. Also, two carers can operate slide sheets; they need someone on each side of the patient to ensure that they are safe and secure in the repositioning procedure.

The following are the steps followed when using a slide sheet; for more information you can also head over to our resource on how to use a slide sheet.
● One carer should stand at each bedside.
● Rolling the patient carefully onto the slide sheet. One carer should securely hold them by their side, whereas the other carer starts the process with the slide sheet.
● Fold the sheet in half; one half should slide over the other while the patient is on top.
● Carefully tuck the closed end on the folded sheet beneath the patient.
● Carefully roll the patient on top of the sheet, on their back.
● Roll the patient onto their other side and into the sheet.
● Return the patient to be on their back.
● By holding each edge of the slide sheet, carers can transfer the patient around the bed more quickly; the two surfaces of the patient handling sheet slide over each other.

In conclusion, a slide sheet is an efficient method of moving a patient around on the bed or any other flat surface without having to lift them. This assists in avoiding injuries to the carers and the patient. Therefore, they are important when it comes to patient transferring items. Here, at Patient Handling is passionate about providing the highest quality sheet slides in the market, nothing but the best for our clients!

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