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Daily Living Aids

Patient Handling has a wide range of Daily Living Aids available on our website.  View other products in this category here: Aged Care Aids, Dressing & Grooming Aids, Adaptive Kitchen Tools, Fall Prevention, Medical SheepskinsPressure CareReaching AidsTherapy Aids, Cognitive Aids and Other Independent Living Aids

Daily Living Aids

Daily living products or aids are a form of basic technology designed to improve the quality of life for those who have physical limitations. They make it easier for people to perform everyday functional activities. These aids for daily living are often used by the elderly and those with disabilities. The range of products available for assistance for daily living aids are extensive as they can help with toileting, personal hygiene, dressing, transfer, mobility, communication, eating, food preparation, shopping, and so much more. Brands such as Homecraft and Patient Handling offer quality options for those who need assistance.

Daily living products comprise a large selection of helpful devices that help people to remain independent throughout their daily life. While there are aids for almost every activity in daily life and the most regularly used products fall into a few categories such as personal hygiene, grooming, showering, dressing, toileting, eating/cooking, and mobility.

  • Personal Hygiene – Daily living products in this category include uniquely designed bottom wipers, r toothbrushes, razors, and makeup application.
  • Showering – Shower chairs, transfer benches, bath boards and grab bars, are among some of the most helpful products.
  • Dressing – A variety of dressing aids ensure that everyone has the right tools to help them get their day started. These include stocking sliders.
  • Toileting – Bedside commodes, walkers with commode seats, raised toilet seats, widened toilet seats, and toilet safety rails are useful when it comes to using the toilet without the risk of falling.
  • Eating/Cooking – There are a number of kitchen aids ranging from tipping kettles to food preparation systems and kitchen workstations, and more. These tools can help make the process of cooking or baking a simple and stress-free process. Specially designed utensils, plate guards, scooper bowls, and cups make eating delicious food much easier.
  • Mobility – Transfer and mobility devices such as walkers, canes, and wheelchairs, and more are useful in reinforcing independence and reducing the risk of injury.

Many of these daily living products will be used by almost everyone at some point in our lives, but who are they meant for? Adults with disabilities, elderly people, and those recovering from illness, injury, or surgery will require assistance when it comes to completing everyday activities with aids for daily living. Aside from completing daily functions, aids are also great for reminders, communication, writing, school, work, financial management, scheduling, and more. They can also be useful for enjoying recreational activities.

We often take our independence for granted, but when these abilities diminish it can be debilitating both physically and mentally. Research has shown the efficacy of daily living aids when it comes to increasing functional ability in users as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem.

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