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Urinals & Bed Pans

We have a range of urinals and bedpans suitable for home, hospital and aged care facilities. View other products in this category here: Bed Sticks & PolesBed RailsBed Wedges & Support PillowsBedside CommodesFall Prevention Devices & AlarmsHealthcare BedsHomecare BedsMattress OverlaysOver Bed TablesPressure Mattresses, Bedroom Accessories


What are urinals and bed pans?

Bed pans and urinals are products that allow individuals to have a bowel movement or urinate while they are in bed. They are used for individuals who cannot get out of bed themselves to use the bathroom, such as disabled, elderly or individuals post surgery.

What types of urinals and bed pans does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including male and female specific urinals, urinal bottles, adaptors, accessories and much more.

What brands of urinals and bed pans does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Carequip, Homecraft, Patient Handling and much more.

Urinals & Bed Pans

One of the most common issues in the world is incontinence; however, it has been dealt with by the modern medicine world in more than just one way. Patient handling is highly committed to providing you with a vast range of urinals and bedpans ideal for aged care institutions, hospitals, and home care settings.

The urinals and bedpans category is from high-quality brands, including Carequip and Homecraft; nothing but the best for our clients.

Numerous diseases can confine an individual in bed, therefore, subjecting a patient to the application of a toilet pan; these diseases include dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, most patients can be held in bed temporarily due to temporary diseases, surgery, or an injury. A portable urinal is significant in helping to empty a patient’s bowels or urinate within close proximity to the bed. A bedpan is commonly recommended for defecating, while urinals are designed for urination.

The following are among the few benefits that individuals can enjoy by using a urinal and bedpan.

  • They are significant in emergency incontinence cases. Nearly all incontinence cases can be perceived as emergencies; it is impossible to prevent the natural urge of defecating and urinating under any circumstances. Therefore, when the situation is too intense for a patient to access the bathroom, this is where the urinal, bedpan or toilet pan come in handy. They let an individual efficiently urinate near the bed rather than rushing to the bathroom. This will seamlessly increase confidence for the person and decrease the phobia of involuntary urination.
  • They help in maintaining health and hygiene. Defecation and urination are naturally connected to hygiene, and the inability to manipulate the bladder leads to leakage that might, with time, escalate the creation of an unhygienic environment. Rashes, skin irritation, moisture, infection, and many others are connected to involuntary leakages; thus, female urinals, for instance, improve the user’s health.
  • They are cost-efficient. Urinals and bedpans can be recycled because they can be cleaned properly after use. Using underwear or an incontinence pad might assist in prevention; however, they may be an expensive alternative due to the need to replace them regularly during the day.
  • They make waste disposal easier. Unlike the tedious process of disposing of underwear or diapers, urinals and diapers can be simply disposed of in the toilet. They can be cleaned with soapy, warm water and an antibacterial spray and ready to be used again.
  • They are not for incontinence only. Urinals are a primary part of the application of incontinence care; they are not limited to that. Severely ill or bed-ridden patients cannot access the bathroom by themselves, it is more secure for them to use a bedpan or a urinal.

At Patient Handling, you can choose from a broad range of bedpans, toilet pans and urinals from the most superior brands in the market. The ideal choice of bedpans or urinals can make people’s lives, particularly patients, more independent.

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