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Back Support Pillows & Cushions


What is back support?

Back support is a device that helps minimise back pain and increase back support. This is useful for a wide range of people from the elderly to those working long hours sitting in a chair. Back support is a great way to help your posture and alleviate worsening problems.

Where can you buy back support for a chair?

Patient Handling offer a wide selection of back support and accessories including foam and regular cushions. We also offer back support for wheelchairs including tall back support, mid back support and low back support.

What brands of back support products does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Peak Care, Varilite and much more.

Back Support Pillows & Cushions

Back pain can interfere with a significant part of your day; it is exhausting and zaps the fun out of daily activities, family time, and work. Patient Handling provides back support pillows and cushions to ensure your day is fully optimized, with no back pain. Besides, under this category, we provide other products: CommodesHeight Adjustable ChairsLift Chairs & ReclinersOrthopaedic Chairs  Pressure Cushions. All these amazing products are from the most trusted and high-quality brands, including Peak Care and Varilite. We stock a vast variety of products to soothe your back pain, including chair back support, back support pillow back support cushion, back support for the car, lower back support, back support for a bed, support cushions for the elderly, and many more.

Back pain is a common health problem, and there are many alternatives in the market to relieve back pain; however, most of these solutions do not offer a long-lasting effect. Back support pillows are an economical and popular solution for many people who work long hours or simply suffer from back pain. Sitting for long durations subjects a lot of stress to your tailbone and spine; therefore, lumbar support cushions might ease or even stop this stress with regular use. Your health is significant; the following are among the many benefits of using back support cushions.

  • Ease back and neck pain. Many of us spend a significant amount of time sitting than being up and about during the day. A long sitting period at home or work can result in a vast range of problems, including back problems, poor posture, diabetes, weight gain, and many more. A back support cushion is a simple strategy to lower the back pain and other types of discomfort that some with long durations of work; these cushions will support your back, ease pain and relieve tension.
  • Preventing further damage. Back strength is vital for a healthy spine and maintaining an active lifestyle; it is crucial to take great care of your back. Back support pillows aids in easing back pain, and if you have to sit for an extended period, your back pain might worsen; therefore, preventing this problem is vital.
  • Improves posture. The strength and health of your back and neck depend on correct posture. Bad posture can cause strain, and tension can result in permanent back pain and neck discomfort, which can negatively influence the quality of life. Back support pillows can assist you in breaking the habit of slouching while walking or sitting; they support the spine’s curvature and your posture.
  • Enjoy the comfort. Working all day in an enclosed space or at your desk takes a severe toll on your shoulders, back, and neck. Being in a monotonous position for a long time can make your muscles sore and stiff; therefore, while sitting, ensure you use a comfortable back support pillow to prevent back pain problems.
  • Improving your circulation. Proper circulation is important for your whole body; it assists in reducing cramping, fatigue, and stiffness that is accrued by sitting in one position for long. Applying support cushions to the chairs you use will help reduce back pain and enhance your blood circulation.

Patient Handling offers quality back support products manufactured with the best materials that focus on your comfort. Besides, if you are uncertain of which products will be ideal for you, we are always here to guide you.

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