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Wheelchairs offer various modes of operation: they can be self-propelled by the user, pushed by a caregiver, or electrically powered. These devices are essential for individuals who are unable to bear weight on their lower limbs or cannot walk. They often provide a more viable option than walkers, particularly for individuals with profound disabilities or for covering extended distances.


Wheelchairs are essential for those with disabilities looking to improve their everyday lives. They can provide mobility and independence for both the user and their carer. Wheelchairs can allow users to easily participate in everyday activities and carry out daily tasks despite their reduced mobility. Buying a wheelchair can lead to many social and mental health benefits. Wheelchairs in Australia come in an array of different styles, sizes, models, and brands. Several brands offer quality wheelchairs, including Breezy, Days, Etac, Karma, Merits, Netti, Peak Care, TA-Service, and more.

There are many different wheelchairs for sale, including disabled wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, and power wheelchairs. The main difference between manual and power is that manual is pushed by the user while transit is driven by a carer. Power wheelchairs have motors and rechargeable batteries controlled by using a joystick on the armrest. This requires minimal effort from the user, making it a perfect option for those who are severely disabled. However, the right chair for you depends on your level of mobility, needs, and how you’ll utilize it. Regardless of the right fit for you, each option has numerous benefits.

  • Independence – Both electric and manual wheelchairs allow the user to get around and perform daily tasks without any assistance. Electric wheelchairs, in particular, offer increased autonomy due to their ease of navigation and the ability to travel without experiencing fatigue. Manual wheelchairs can also provide flexibility for the user and the carer. For those who have limited mobility and may not be able to walk without the risk of falling, a wheelchair gives the user a sense of confidence.
  • Mobility – Old or young, many people start to develop mobility issues due to a mobility condition or the muscles and joints becoming weak. Wheelchairs are specifically designed to fit and maneuver into small spaces, making them ideal for use around the home. More robust wheelchairs can be used outdoors, which may have more difficult terrains such as pavements or slopes. Wheelchairs are a great option because they can be used in conjunction with other forms of transportation, increasing mobility. Users can take transit wheelchairs on different forms of public transportation, and they are helpful for travelling.
  • Comfort – Many wheelchairs feature comfortable seating designed to align with the spine and provide firm support. Wheelchairs come in various options with add-ons to ensure that any issues are adequately addressed. Choosing a comfort wheelchair that is right for you is essential for a positive experience.
  • Social – One of the biggest concerns about limited mobility is the difficulties it can cause when it comes to participating in social activities. We all understand the importance of socialization for emotional and physical health, so it’s essential to maintain a social life. A wheelchair, along with other mobility aids, can help the user enjoy their favourite activities without limitation.

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