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Patient Ceiling Hoists

Ceiling hoists serve as supportive mechanisms employed in both home and healthcare environments to facilitate lifting and transferring individuals when manual handling poses challenges. These hoists feature a motorised unit affixed to a ceiling-mounted track or rail system. They work in tandem with a sling or harness secured to the person being lifted. Control is managed through a remote or switch, ensuring a secure and efficient process for elevating and transferring individuals. View the rest of our products in this category range here: Patient Floor Hoists, Pool Lifts,  Patient Gantry Hoists, Patient Sit to Standing Hoists,  Patient Lifting Hoist SlingsPatient Hoist Accessories


How do you use a ceiling hoist step by step?

1. Check the weight of the patient, so that it doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of the hoist.

2. Clear away any obstacles, ensuring there’s enough room to lift and move the patient.

3. Check the hoist to ensure it is working properly.

4. Assist the patient into the sling.

5. Be sure to never leave the patient unattended.

What is a ceiling hoist?

Ceiling hoists are pieces of equipment that are secured to the ceiling of a room and work as a lifting system for patients to move them from one spot to another.

What brands of ceiling hoist products does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Patient Handling, Molift and much more.

Patient Ceiling Hoists

Molift Ceiling Hoists are designed and built in Norway to comply with Australian ISO standards. They provide a range of hoists from the portable yet powerful Nomad to the new and class-leading AIR.

Molift Ceiling Hoists are applicable for both home and institutional settings. We can provide you with a comprehensive design and installation service.

Ceiling Hoists are used to transfer people between two locations (e.g. between a chair and a bed). A ceiling hoist comprises of a track which is fitted to the ceiling and an electrically powered lifting motor, which is also attached to a sling; which is subsequently attached to a patient sling.

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