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Bath Boards

Patient Handling has a wide range of toilet and shower accessories available on our website. View other products in this category here: Anti Slip MatsBathroom AccessoriesBath Aids, Bathroom SeatingBath Transfer BenchesBottom WipersGrab Bars & RailsOver Toilet FramesRaised Toilet Seats,  Shower ChairsShower Commodes, Toilet Aids


What are bath boards?

Bath boards are products for individuals who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. A bath board is typically fitted across the top of the bath and allows the individual to sit over the bath without needing to step into the bath.

How to fit a bath board?

There are various methods to secure a bath board so it is best to read the instructions or contact your occupational therapist. 1. Position the bath board to allow room to swing your legs in and out, yet close enough to reach the taps. 2. Ensure the bath board is secure. 3. Bath boards with a rail need to be positioned so the rail is next to the wall. 4. The bath board should not move if tightly secured.

What brands of bath boards does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Peak Care, Performance Health and much more.

Bath Boards

For a better, easier, and even more relaxing bathing experience, Patient Handling provides high-quality bath boards. For anyone who struggles to get into and out of the shower, a bath board eradicates the necessity to step into the bath; they are specifically essential for the elderly and disabled people because they help in minimizing the risk of slipping or falling.

At Patient Handling, we stock a wide variety of bath boards and other bathroom products, including  Bath AidsBathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower ChairsShower Commodes, Toilet AidsTransfer Benches. We also make it our mission to provide our customers with the best bath boards from the best and most trusted brands, including Peak Care and Performance Health.

Bath Boards fit perfectly on the bath across its width, from one rim to the other. They offer a straight, steady, and solid seat for you to sit when having a bath. They are also designed for individuals with limited strength; however, when lifting one leg over the bath rim to get on and off, you will still need to be relatively agile to use one. Additionally, bath boards offer a steady place to sit when having a shower. They also help individuals who find it challenging to get into and out of the bath. The bath board is set between the bath edges; this lets the user slide across into the bath.

Also, bath boards prevent them from stepping over the ledge and into the bath.
Furthermore, bath boards typically rest on top of the bathtub walls and might feature stoppers, suction cups, or clamps to secure the board to the bath. Besides, bath boards have a non-slip surface and come in various different surfaces and sizes. To access the bath, the patient can sit on the board edge with their feet outside the bathtub before swinging their limbs over and into the bath; the attached handle offers extra stability.

When in the bath, the user could remain seated on the bath board or move the bath board onto a bath seat such that they are submerged in water. The seat offers a steady area to sit when performing regular bathing, eradicating the need to get into the tub. Also, the bathtub is ideal for users who are able to perform a side transfer from a commode or a wheelchair, unable to stand on their own for an extended period of time, and are unable to step over the bathtub’s wall.

One of the disadvantages of bath boards is that it would be difficult to have a luxurious bath because the user is not immersed completely in water. Bath boards are more ideal for applying for bathing with a shower cord connected to your bath taps or for showering when used together with a bath seat- with the bath board creating a steady base where the user can lower themselves onto the seat. Please contact us for more information regarding bath boards and other related products.

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