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Bath Boards

Patient Handling stocks a wide range of bath boards and other bathroom products. View other products in this category here: Bath Aids, Bathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower Chairs, Shower Commodes, Toilet AidsTransfer Benches

Bath Boards

Bath Boards provide a stable area to sit when bathing. It may also assist people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath safely. The bath board is placed between the edges of the bath. This allows the user to slide across into the bath. It prevents them from stepping over the ledge and into the tub.

The bath board rests on top of the bathtub walls and may feature rubber stoppers, clamps or suction cups to secure the board to the bath. Bath boards feature a non-slip surface and come in a variety of sizes and surface types. To enter the bath, the user can sit on the edge of the board with their feet outside of the bath before swinging their legs over into the bath. The attached handle provides additional stability.

Once in the bath, the user can either remain seated on the board, or can move from the bath board onto a bath seat to be submerged in the water. The seat provides a stable place to sit while performing bathing tasks. Additionally, it creates a bridge between the inside and outside of the bathtub, giving bathers the option to sit down on the side of the bath board first. From a seated position, a bather can then lift each leg one at a time over the tub wall, thereby eliminating the need to ‘step’ into the tub. The bath board is suited to users who: Can perform a side transfer from a wheelchair or commode Are unable to stand for a prolonged period Are unable to step over the wall of a bathtub

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