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Dressing & Grooming Aids

Dressing aids or adaptive equipment for grooming can help individuals with arthritis or mobility problems to dress independently. These daily dressing aids let individuals get dressed up with ultimate ease and painlessly with no assistance from their loved ones or a care provider. They promote the user’s independence because less effort is needed to help with dressing and other personal daily activities.  

Patient Handling understands personal care equipment is essential for the elderly and other persons with special needs. We offer you one of the most superior quality adaptive equipment for grooming from us. Under this category, we also provide a vast assortment of other products, including Kitchen AidsMedical SheepskinsPressure CareReaching AidsTherapy AidsOther Independent Living Aids. 

For people with dexterity and limited hand movement, a dressing stick can be essential in wearing and removing clothes. Dressing aids such as zipper and button aids make zipping and buttons relatively simple and almost effortless; buttoning and unbuttoning or zipping and unzipping becomes easy with their utilization. Some shoehorns allow the user to comfortably and efficiently wear their shoes. Specially designed fasteners and shoelaces make the unlacing and lacing of shoes easier. Besides, hair grooming aids make sure that the activity is done easily.  Sock aid, dressing stick, shoehorn, reacher, and many others are essential in assisting persons who have undergone knee or hip surgeries. 

The following are among the various types of personal care equipment for the elderly and their benefits: 

  • Dressing stick. They are used to do tasks such as bringing garments around, putting them off your shoulders, pulling up zips, pushing down pants, and many more. They are normally made of wooden or plastic handles with a hook at the end. 
  • Hair grooming aids. They include a vast range of hair settlers, hairdryers, spaced hairbrushes, among others, and they make sure the hair care process is made easier. For persons with grasping problems, these can be very important. 
  • Shoehorns. They come in handy when the user attempts to put on shoes. Some of them have an extra-long handle to minimize the amount of stretching and bending required. 
  • Shoelaces and fasteners. They are significant for individuals with limited gripping, dexterity, and cognitive deficiencies. They make the lacing and the unlacing process seamless and easier. 
  • Zipper or button aid. They are perfect for persons with minimized strength in hands or those who cannot use both hands. Button aids are specially made with a thick handle and wire loop to quickly button garments, while zipper aids are essential for a user who has issues gripping or racing a zipper. 

For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us today. 

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