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Living Aids

Independent living aids encompass a variety of tools and equipment designed to empower individuals in carrying out daily tasks autonomously. These aids span falls prevention, personal care, and reaching aids, among others. Their core purpose is to foster autonomy, safety, and an improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities, facilitating increased self-sufficiency and active engagement within their communities. These devices serve as invaluable enablers, making everyday routines such as putting on shoes or showering significantly more manageable.

Living Aids

AADLs (Aids for activities of daily living), also referred to as self-care equipment, aids for daily living, or basic assistive technology, devices, equipment and products applied in significant daily activities by the elderly or the disabled. Patient Handling offers a broad range of independent living supplies, including Dressing & Grooming Aids, Therapy Aids, Adaptive Kitchen Tools, Grabber & Reacher Tools, Pressure Relief Devices for Pressure Care, Medical Sheepskins, and Other Independent Living Aids. We ensure that our customers’ daily living products and independent living products are from the best brands. They include:
Homecraft, One-Touch, Patient Handling, Peak Care, Performance Health
Tripsafe, Uccello.

A form of daily living product or aids for daily living includes a vast range of devices. Prospective categories of supplies range from and are not limited to work activities, money management, organization and scheduling, meal preparation and eating, transferring to and from wheelchairs, vehicles or beds, grooming, showering and bathing, dressing, environmental control, writing and essential communication, community living, and many others.

Common examples include designed utensils or tool holders, reachers, tub benchers, talking or larger-print devices, and many others that can be useful across numerous activities. Besides, independent living solutions are technologies that adapt the environment, instead of the person, to reinforce control, choice, and needs.

AADLs might compensate for any functional restrictions and impairment and support a swifter, safer, or more effective performance of daily activities. Products might address learning, safety, vision, communication, sensory, cognitive, fine and gross motor, and hearing. Independent living products offer various benefits to the users, including improved self-esteem, confidence, independence, and reduced pain. Daily living products are essential for individuals with:
visual impairment or blindness, spina bifida, gout, walking impairment due to brain injury or stroke, heart or lung issues, arthritis, diabetic ulcers and wounds, obesity, cerebral palsy, fractures or broken bones in the lower limbs, sprains and strains, difficulties maintaining balance, developmental disabilities, injury to the legs, feet, or back.
The elderly, individuals who have gone through amputation, and those recovering from any surgery might find daily living products essential for independent living.

There are tremendous benefits of availing independent living devices; they provide the potential to promote the following:

  • They enhance the quality of life, social inclusion, safety, independence and improve end-of-life care
  • They assist in giving disabled individuals and the elderly control over their personal lives
  • They reduce unscheduled hospital admissions
  • They eliminate accident and emergency attendance
  • They lower the period of hospital stay
  • The minimize the habit of “bed-blocking” in hospitals
  • They help in the delivery of numerous quality outcomes for adults and children
  • They enhance the early years of development
  • They play a crucial role in delivering early prevention techniques and intervention and stopping crisis admissions to extremely high-cost services.

At Patient Handling, we are dedicated to helping you or your loved ones live a more independent life as much as possible and finding the right independent living solutions. Quality is our topmost priority when it comes to the products we provide to our customers. For more information on any of our independent living supplies or services, kindly do not hesitate to contact us.

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