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Over Bed Tables

Patient Handling has a wide range of over bed tables available on our website. View other products in this category here: Bed Sticks & PolesBed RailsBed Wedges & Support PillowsBedside CommodesFall Prevention Devices & AlarmsHealthcare BedsHomecare BedsMattress Overlays, Pressure MattressesUrinals & Beds PansBedroom Accessories


What are over bed tables?

Over bed tables are free-standing tables that can be positioned over a bed or chair. The tabletop can be used for a variety of activities such as meals, drinks and even playing cards. Overbed tables can be moved away when required.

What types of over bed tables does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including day tables, tilting over bed tables, split over bed tables and much more.

What brands of over bed tables does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Days, Peak Care and much more.

Over Bed Tables

Over bed tables are an extremely useful tool that can help people of all ages. A bed tray table is a type of portable table that is placed over a user while sitting or lying down. The bed table can then be used as a surface to eat, read, or write on. These bedroom tables are useful in hospitals, care homes, and even in your own home. They are essential for catering to the needs of residents and patients alike.

Unlike bedside or coffee tables, an overbed table with wheels rests over the chair or bed which means there is less bending down or straining. This helps tasks such as reading, working, writing, eating, or drinking much more convenient for those who have limited mobility. In a hospital or home care setting, they can reduce the need for difficult transfers if your movement has been limited by an intense injury or operation. They are also suitable for creating a comfortable environment for the elderly, disabled, immobile, or those who just want a steady and accessible surface.

There are a number of brands that provide over bed tables in Australia including Days and Peak . The tables they offer are extremely flexible options that can alternate positions in several different ways. They can be adjustable which means they tilt to a wide range of angles while retaining its flatness. The height of the table may also be changed to accommodate the height of the user. They are also portable; the wheels make over bed tables easy to move around. The tabletops are also made out of extremely durable material that makes them easy to clean.

Over bed tables with wheels are unique because they do not need to be lifted, which can be important if the table is going to be used in different areas of the home. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of a stable surface no matter where you are.

Bed tables are most useful for a few different types of people, most notably those who have had surgery or are pregnant. When someone undergoes surgeries such as back or knee surgery, they remain bedridden. It can become extremely difficult for one to move and do their daily routine. Bed tables can help a patient feel more comfortable during the healing process which speeds up the recovery process. Bed tray tables are also useful for pregnant women. It can be frustrating when you are confined to your bed pre-and post-pregnancy. These beds can help pregnant women retain their independence during stressful times.

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