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Transfer & Walking Belts

Our range of Patient Handling Walk Belts in various sizes and types can be found here. View other products in this category here:  Slide Sheets, Patient Evacuation AidsPatient Transfer Aids


What is a walking belt?

A walking belt is an assistive device which is secured around the waist to help assist a person with walking, transfer a person from sitting to standing or help a person from a bed to a wheelchair. It is generally used to enable one or two carers to assist a patient.

How is a walk belt used?

To learn how to use a walk belt, refer to our user manual here:

What brands of walking belts does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Patient Handling and much more.

Transfer & Walking Belts

A walking belt is used for safe and secure handling and mobility in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, or homes. It helps individuals with any injuries, old age, brittle joints; they are generally sturdy belts. A patient should be at least partially ambulatory, meaning they should be able to handle their weight to some level to use the transfer belt.

At Patient Handling, we provide the very best brand of transfer walking belts. We provide other products in this category, and they include Slide Sheets, Patient Evacuation Aids, and Patient Transfer Aids.

Mobility handling belts allow the care provider to offer support to the patient when doing activities such as walking. A walking belt is essential for patient transfer. When moving the patient from their wheelchair to the bed or vice versa, a walking belt with handles provides a better grip. Besides, a walking belt is used to help patients walk; a patient might be advised by their doctor, during recovery, to get exercise daily through walking. A well-trained and skilled physical therapist, carer, or even a family member can help the patient with walking. It allows the support provider to get an incredible hold of the patient when helping them off the bed and when the individual tries to walk by themselves.

Walking belts for the disabled are used to prevent accidents. There are some situations when the patient is so frail that they easily fall. In such cases, the care provider can help the patient with some effort from the patient. Furthermore, a walking belt is used to prevent back injury of the care provider. When helping the elderly, sick, or injured patient, high chances are that the carer is on the receiving end of an injury. This belt lowers the chances of experiencing a back injury that can be otherwise severe and life-threatening for the care provider. The buckle’s teeth are safely placed to provide optimum comfort and satisfaction for the patient.

The following are among the topmost benefits of using walking belts for the disabled:

  • Comfortability and safety. The belt can come in handy when the patient is unwell; the elderly who might be weak can also receive the needed support during the transition with no danger of risk. Our high-quality transfer belts have a non-slip plastic buckle to stop the patient from falling or slipping.
  • Helps the care providers to focus on the patient rather than the lifting. With a walking belt, the strain and stress on the carers are less. Rather, they focus on the patient’s comfortability and make sure they are carefully and safely transported.
  • The caregivers are ultimately protected. When the patient is manually shifted and positioned on the stretcher, their chances of getting injured are greater. Actually, transfer belts also offer physical relief to the acres when they are assisting the patient.
  • They are awesome for balance. The walking belt is strapped around the midsection of the patient and can temporarily stabilize a frail or weak patient or those with a postural issue for the transfer duration. This reduces the stress on the back and other body parts.
  • They provide flexibility on your needs. Walking belts can be vertical or horizontal and therefore are ideal for a vast range of functions.
  • They can be implemented for distances, for instance, across a big hospital or moving from a bed to the bathroom.

Patient Handling is committed to providing our clients with the best transfer belts and walking belts. Please contact us for more information about our products and services.

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