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Bed Sticks & Poles

Bed sticks are designed to assist the user to position themself from a lying to an upright sitting position.  Bed sticks are also useful when turning, re-positioning or transferring. Patient Handling has a wide range of bedroom accessories available on our website. View other products in this category here: Bed RailsBed Wedges & Support PillowsBedside CommodesFall Prevention Devices & AlarmsHealthcare BedsHomecare BedsMattress OverlaysOver Bed TablesPressure MattressesUrinals & Beds PansBedroom Accessories


What are bed sticks and poles?

Bed sticks and poles are products used to help people get in and out of bed, or move in bed safely. They are held securely under the mattress while the other end is positioned to produce one or two posts on the sides of the bed to assist the individual.

What types of bed sticks and poles does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including mounted fixed bed sticks, static bed rails, mounted folding sticks and much more.

What brands of bed sticks and poles does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Carequip, Deutscher, KCare and much more.

Bed Sticks & Poles

Bed poles and bed sticks are often used to help people get into and out of bed. A bed pole consists of a lightweight pole that is shaped so that one end is held securely underneath a mattress while the other end is positioned to ensure one or two posts on the sides of the bed. These posts or bed rails are there for people to grab onto when they need assistance moving.

As bed poles, bed rails, and bed sticks are relatively inexpensive, they are a regular fixture in both private homes and care facilities. Bed poles provide people with an increased sense of independence which means they no longer need to wait for a nurse or carer to assist them.

Bed rails are an important part of bedroom safety and are a bit more stable than bed poles or sticks. Bed rails can be used for young children, mature adults, and mentally or physically disabled people. These side rails are often installed on either home care beds or standard beds as a means to improve safety for the user. Some home care bed users do not need side rails, but they are an extremely practical and helpful addition to their bed.

Bed rails are attached to the side of a bed. The bottom can be attached to the stable portion of the bed frame while others rely on the weight of the mattress to hold them into position. The top portion of the rail rises above the mattress and many rails are adjustable which means they can be raised or lowered as needed. Bed rails can be full-sized which means they are as long as the bed or they can be half-sized which is about half the size of the bed. But these rails can be used in pairs if necessary.

Bed rails are usually made from sturdy metal or rigid plastic. Metal rails can be covered with material to make them more comfortable, soft, and attractive.

Brands such as Deutscher, Carequip and KCare offer quality bed poles, bed sticks, and bed rails. These products have a number of benefits for those with mobility issues.

  • Reduce the Risk of Falling Out of Bed – For those with mobility issues, getting into and out of bed is a challenge. The fear of falling or losing balance when getting out of bed is common and a bed rail can help alleviate that fear. The additional support provides stability, guidance, and a convenient rail that reduces the risk of falling.
  • Prevents Rolling Out of Bed – Rolling out of bed is a common cause of injury and falls. It may seem like a rare occurrence, but it happens to seniors and those who take medication quite often. People with dementia are also at higher risk of falling out of their beds. A bed rail puts a limit on how far a person can move preventing falls.
  • Support – Bed rails can provide support for those getting into and out of bed, but they can also provide support when people change positions. Those with limited strength find it difficult to change positions on their own and bed rails make it easier to move around and prevent conditions like bedsores.

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