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Bath Transfer Benches

Patient Handling has a wide range of transfer benches available on our website. View other products in this category here: Bath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower ChairsShower Commodes, and Toilet Aids

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Bath Transfer Benches

Patient Handling has a broad variety of bath transfer benches available on our website. Other products stocked in the bath transfer range, include Bath AidsBath BoardsBathroom SeatingGrab Bars & RailsShower ChairsShower Commodes, and Toilet Aids. Based on how much we value quality over quantity here at Patient Handling, we get the most superior quality transfer benches; Peak Care is the trusted brand that we rely on to supply the best shower transfer benches.


A transfer bench can also be referred to as a transfer chair, shower bench, or showering bench. It is a bath safety mobility tool where the user sits on and enters the bathtub. The user normally sits on the bench that straddles the tub’s side and slowly slides from the outside and into the tub’s inside. Transfer benches are used by individuals who have difficulties getting into the shower or over the tub wall, either due to disabilities or an illness.


For people with disabilities, taking a bath is not an easy task. Showering is meant to be relaxing; however, it could at times feel downright terrifying. The probability of falling and bruises and bumps, and then ending up at the emergency room can make this a dreadful activity. Rather than risking your health and safety, the following are among the few benefits of having a sliding transfer shower chair.


They help to enhance your safety. The probability of falling or slipping is most likely on someone’s mind, but a transfer bench assists to keep your mind from worries. Using a bathroom bench aids to improve safety by reducing the possibility of you slipping or falling by offering a safe area in a slippery bath or shower. A bath transfer bench is ideal for persons using wheelchairs, our beloved elderly, or any person who gets excessive movement painful or challenging.


They enhance hygiene. Showering while traveling can be dreadful for persons with limited mobility. When you possess a bath transfer bench, you can always bring it with you; you can’t be too sure how hygienic the bath chairs at hotels are, so why subject your hygiene and health to risk?
They make you feel more confident and independent when getting into the bath or shower. Anything you require, there are various alternatives to fit you and the specifications you require personally.


They enhance your life’s quality. Persons with disabilities or those confined in a wheelchair suffer and not just due to restricted mobility. It is not an interesting feeling to rely on other people when you are unable to do small things by yourself, and that affects one’s life quality negatively. On the brighter side, having a bath transfer bench helps the user to regain their independence, and this goes a long way in regards to an individual’s quality of life.


It is yours and yours only. A bath transfer bench is a fantastic piece of personal device to possess that you can depend on. You can be certain it is clean, how to use it, and the materials it is made of.

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