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Raised Toilet Seats

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What are toilet seat raisers?

Toilet seat raisers are seats fitted on top of your current toilet bowl. They are used to raise the height of the toilet, and can help make sitting down and getting up from the toilet easier and safer.

How do toilet seat raisers work?

Most toilet seat raisers are designed to fit all standard toilets. They are simply placed on top of your current toilet bowl and affixed using fastenings. They work by providing extra height to anyone who struggles with lowering to sit or rising to stand on their own.

Raised Toilet Seats

Patient Handling stocks a wide variety of raised toilet seats that are significant to improve the toilet’s height. They are helpful technology tools to increase the accessibility of toilets for people with disabilities and the elderly. We offer the best quality toilet seat raisers and from the most trusted brand, Peak Care.

Toilet seat raisers increase the seat height of your toilet.  They are assistive technology devices to improve the accessibility of toilets to older people or those with disabilities. They can aid in the transfer to and from a wheelchair and may help prevent falls.  The more difficulty you have in sitting, generally, the higher the toilet seat raiser required. Usually, the size options are 50mm, 100mm and 150mm.

We offer battery-powered toilet seat lifts that can help to smoothen the transfer process to and from the wheelchair while simultaneously preventing slips and falls. The more difficulty the user has in sitting, the more the necessity for a raised toilet seat.

For the standard, able-bodied human, the distance from sitting to standing on a toilet seat might seem like a regular routine; it is an activity that they effortlessly perform daily. However, for many individuals with mobility restrictions, pain, lowered balance or strength, and many more conditions where sitting and standing up might be challenging, toileting can present a peculiar problem. This is where a toilet seat raiser comes in handy; by simply elevating the toilet’s seat only several inches reduces the distance between the standing patient and the seat, implying that they do not need to bend down any farther. Reducing this distance could make a significant difference for persons with restricted mobility or strength and even regain their total independence.

In addition to the apparent advantages of comfort and safety, toilet set raisers or having a raised toilet seat can provide many other benefits that might not be immediately apparent. The following are among the few:
They offer independence. Many individuals despise the thought of having to ask for assistance; nobody wishes to rely on other people to have their needs met. Regardless of the challenges, users might face when toileting, most individuals will keep attempting to do it by themselves until they fall, slip or injure themselves, and they have no option but to accept assistance.

Raised toilet seats are ideal for individuals to retain their independence without having to compromise their safety.

  • Discretion. Raised toilet seats are frequently in white and off-white shades to fit in with the toilet’s colour and for users who are particularly concerned about either adherence to decor or discretion.
  • Caregiver’s safety. Caregivers face the risk of injury when helping patients, particularly when helping patients if they do not use the ideal tools. Therefore, toilet seat raisers bring reduced distance between standing and sitting, which assists patients to transfer themselves more easily; carers also help in these transfers easily, needing less effort and enhancing the transfer’s safety.
  • Versatility. A significant amount of effort has been directed to developing a whole line of attributes for the raised toilet seats to suit the user perfectly. These beneficial attributes include, but are not restricted to: straps, backrests, splash guards, and padding. These items have been put in a position to develop the most comfortable and secure experience plausible for the user.

Furthermore, raised toilet seats and toilet set raisers are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes to fit a wide variety of users. Every toilet seat is made to make its usage swift and as simple as possible and involves perfect features for different user needs. In addition to the regular seat itself is also found with several other features and components which bring support and comfort based on the user’s needs.

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