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Height Adjustable Chairs

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What are height adjustable chairs?

Height adjustable chairs are chairs used commonly by the elderly and people with disabilities; generally, they are essential for poor mobility. They help individuals sit in a more comfortable and properly supported position. As the name suggests, adjustable chairs can be adjusted to particular heights to suit different needs.

How do height adjustable chairs work?

Height adjustable chairs work by adjusting the chair to fit your needs. They can involve modifying the seat width or height, the leg rest, the backrest or the chair height. Some of our height adjustable chairs already come with inbuild features such as higher or lower backs.

What brands of height adjustable chairs does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Atama, R&R Healthcare Equipment, TA-Service and much more.

Height Adjustable Chairs

An adjustable chair is a chair used by the elderly and people with disabilities; generally, they are essential for poor mobility. They help individuals sit in a more comfortable and properly supported position, and they can be adjusted to meet any precise sitting needs.

A height-adjustable chair is a significant independent living aid. This is because the elderly and people with disabilities spend most of the day sitting. They range from regular recliner-style chairs, armchairs with total body support and many others. Height-adjustable chairs assist the user in sitting in a more comfortable and properly supported position. They can also be adjusted to fit the user’s particular sitting requirements. Among the many benefits, you will enjoy when choosing the ideal adjustable chair include a broad range of adjustments. These offer personalized comfort to incredibly support you when seated and even during the process of sitting and standing.

Adjustable chairs provide comfort and support. They improve the user’s mobility, and they offer support and comfort when they read, watch the television, rest, chat or enjoy other normal daily activities. These chairs are normally composed of adjustable backrests for a proper sitting posture. In Fact, some, for instance, lift chairs or the riser recliner, is height adjustable to fit the user’s comfortable height. This makes the process of standing and standing a whole lot easier. Also, there are chairs with tilting or adjustable leg rest to assist even the distribution of weight and improved comfort.
Height-adjustable chairs are easy to use.  The user can adjust the chair to meet their needs by adjusting the seat height or width, the leg rest, the chair’s height, or the backrest.

Disability chairs have a broad array of adjustments. Many of the height-adjusted chairs are electrically controlled, although others are manual. The advantage of an electrically adjustable chair is the ease to use, particularly for the elderly with mobility and functional problems. In addition, these chairs provide support and comfort in lying and sitting positions. However, the manual chairs are ordinarily compact and straightforward, small-sized and save you space.

A height-adjustable chair improves blood circulation and the distribution of weight. When you sit for an extended amount of time, you need an adjustable chair that lets you recline and move around, even when seated. That allows improved blood circulation and makes sure your weight is more fairly distributed to lower pain. Additionally, adjustable chairs have multi-room flexibility. Among the numerous advantages of these adjustable chairs is their flexibility, precisely those with wheels, to be shifted from one room to another. This attribute alone elevates the value of these disability chairs. The user will not need a chair for each room, cutting on cost and saving space. Besides, it makes it simple for the care providers to offer that care.

Adjustable chairs are perfect because they offer the user much-desired independence. In addition, the user can move or sit more comfortably in their chair because they can angle it down or up; this makes it easier to sit up straight or even lay down as they wish. Besides, the freedom of movement assists in minimizing pain and painful joints, increasing independence and preventing pressure ulcers and injuries.

We welcome you to Patient Handling to acquire the best in market products. For more information regarding our height-adjustable chairs, products and services, feel free to call us today!

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