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Over Toilet Frames

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Over Toilet Frames

Over toilet aids, toilet seat raisers, toilet seat risers. These are all products that can significantly increase the ease of using the toilet. We supply two types of over toilet aids: Over toilet frames and toilet seat raisers. We also get the best and most superior quality over toilet aids from popular and amazing brands, including Carequip, KCare, Peak Care, Performance Health, R&R Healthcare Equipment, and Skil Care.

An over toilet frame is applied when helping people having challenges using a regular toilet. It elevates the height of the standard toilet seat and provides armrests to make it less challenging to get off the toilet. Over toilet frames are very helpful when attempting to get off the toilet, sit safely and gently, and shift to the toilet from the wheelchair.

Over toilet chairs offer an amazing chance to experience an independent lifestyle, particularly for the elderly and people with disabilities.
Many people, precisely as they grow older, experience joint and back issues. For instance, arthritic knees are relatively common for individuals, even if they have experienced good health for a significant part of their lives or have even been competitive athletes. We usually gain weight as we grow old, which puts a lot of stress on our joints and back. Over toilet frames are helpful for any individual who suffers from these painful joint and back issues because an over toilet chair significantly relieves the pressure that the hips, knees, and back exert when using the toilet.

Many people suffer from common vertigo or a debilitating fuzziness symptomatic of severe disease. These people rely on the consistent support that the over toilet seat offers. It is more than ample for people to attempt to deal with the weakness and stress of long-term diseases without any worry regarding using the shower. However, it might sound easy; however, an over toilet frame eradicates one additional stress for persons whose lives are already overwhelmed to a very high degree. The common routines of life must not be compromised whatsoever. Besides, an over toilet chair or over toilet set frame is a single method to lower the risk of using the toilet.

Additionally, many over toilet seat frames are effortlessly adjustable and flexible to fit all varieties of toilet sizes. There are some stand-alone designs that can be shifted from one toilet to another; others connect to one toilet, normally, with a tool-free assembly process.

When you are still uncertain whether an over toilet frame is ideal for you, think of these scenarios:

  • You are experiencing vertigo or dizziness
  • You don’t have sufficient strength to stand
  • When the floor is wet and creates a slip hazard
  • When the toilet is very low
  • When you are not able to stand from the toilet due to too much strain on the hips and knee.

An over toilet frame will be helpful when you need additional support in the shower. Patient Handling is the ideal place for you to purchase high quality over toilet frames.

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