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Other Independent Living Aids

Here is a collection of different products that assist in comfortable daily living tasks and help people with mobility issues live their life independently and painlessly. View other products in this category here: Dressing & Grooming Aids, Fall Prevention, Kitchen AidsMedical SheepskinsPressure CareReaching AidsTherapy Aids and Cognitive Aids.


What are other independent living aids?

Independent living aids simply refers to the products designed in helping the less mobile to live independently. This includes equipment or aids for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor.

What types of other independent living aids does Patient Handling offer?

We offer a range of products including wheelchairs, recliners and lift chairs, suction grab rails, rollators, shower chairs and much more.

What brands of other independent living aids does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Homecraft, Patient Handling, Peak Care, Performance Health, TA-Service and much more.

Other Independent Living Aids

Independent living products or independent living equipment include a vast range of assisted living equipment that promote independence and self-reliance. At Patient Handling, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a broad collection of independent living products that can seamlessly help in comfortable daily living activities and aid persons with limited mobility live their lives painlessly and more independently.

We offer you other products under our independent living supplies; they include Dressing & Grooming AidsKitchen AidsMedical SheepskinsPressure CareReaching AidsTherapy Aids. Our independent living aids are from the best and most trusted brands, including HomecraftPatient HandlingPeak CarePerformance HealthTA-Service, and Tripsafe. 

Home assisted living equipment is designed to empower and afford people with physical difficulties to live their lives with much freedom, accessibility, and ease. Our growing, assorted, and comprehensive variety of independent home care supplies enable those with mobility disabilities to remain as self-reliant as possible, reducing limitations to achieving their optimum potential. Besides being helpful for a vast range of applications, this independent living equipment improves the user’s self-respect, self-determination, confidence and makes daily living activities easier to perform.

We offer the latest technology of independent living supplies in design and at an affordable price to make sure we keep delivering extraordinary value to you and your loved ones. 

For the elderly or persons with disabilities, everyday activities can become rather challenging. Independent living equipment includes modified and simple to use regular household items and special devices to help with different activities.

Our products are expertly designed to easily allow persons with limited strength or physical disposition to use them efficiently. There are numerous benefits of having independent living equipment. The following are among the most significant benefits of independent living supplies. 

  • Independent living products are essential in promoting quality of life, independence, social inclusion, safety, and enhancing end-of-life care.
  • Independent living supplies are important in helping to offer the elderly and persons with disabilities control over their personal lives. 
  • They help in reducing unscheduled hospital admissions
  • Independent living equipment can come in handy when reducing accident and emergency attendance
  • They help decrease the duration of hospital stay 
  • They can seamlessly help in reducing “bed blocking” in health care facilities 
  • Independent living equipment is vital in improving early years development 
  • They are essential in helping with the funding of long-term care by preventing the necessity of home care admissions 
  • Independent living supplies play a significant role in delivering prevention tactics and early interventions and preventing crisis admissions to expensive services. 

Patient Handling has years of experience in providing the best services and products. Our independent living equipment and independent living supplies are of the most superior quality, and the ultimate customer satisfaction is our main priority. For more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate in contacting us today. 

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