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Lift Chairs

A lift chair is primarily used to assist the user into a sitting or standing position making this piece of equipment invaluable for those with reduced mobility. This also assists where there are balance issues. View other products in this category here: Back SupportsCommodesHeight Adjustable Chairs, Orthopaedic ChairsPressure Cushions


What are lift chairs and recliners?

A lift chair looks very similar to a standard recliner and works in much the same way by allowing the user to recline for comfort. The key difference is, and as the name suggests, a lift chair helps gently lift an individual from a seated to standing position. A recliner allows for an individual to recline in the chair, tilt their head and raise their legs.

Where can I buy a lift chair or recliner?

Patient Handling offer a wide selection of lift chairs and recliners including twin motor lift chairs, leather lift chairs, mini lift recliners and more.

What brands of lift chairs and recliners does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Oscar Furniture, Pride, Theorem Concepts and much more.

Lift Chairs

As we age, the chances of us developing arthritis or other conditions that can affect our mobility greatly increases. These conditions make it difficult to do daily activities that used to be simple. One of the most exasperating challenges is getting up and down from a sitting position. It can be difficult to get the hips above the knees in order to stand up. Lift chairs are just part of a wide range of equipment that can help you retain your independence.

There are a number of reasons why you may consider purchasing a lift chair recliner. Independence is an important aspect when it comes to a person’s quality of life. There are an array of illnesses, injuries, diseases, and disorders that may completely impede one’s ability to stand up from a seated position. This is where an electric recliner chair can help. Electric recliners can help you stand up without putting additional strain on the body.

Electric lift chairs provide a stable way to help you get up and down after resting in your chair for an extended period of time. An electric recliner lift chair also saves you from being pulled on by an aid or family member helping you get up. Lift chairs typically have remotes that allow you to recline the chair so you can sleep, read, or relax. It also has a button that raises the chair so that the hips are over the knees and you are in an almost standing position. Once you are almost standing, simply straighten your back and you are ready to walk. Without the help of electric lift chairs for the elderly, those who are limited in mobility have to rely on others.

Lift chairs provide a number of benefits to both yourself and your caregiver. Transferring someone can be a daunting task as the caregiver typically has to lean over and pull the person in order to help them stand or transfer them to a wheelchair. An electric lift chair can reduce the risk of injury for both you and the caregiver. A lift chair can increase mental health as well as increase mobility as it encourages correct posture. There are a few different brands including Oscar Furniture, Pride, and Theorem Concepts that offer chairs that can be adjusted to the comfort of the user. Some chairs even include heat and massage options which makes them even more comfortable. The reclining positions also help to reduce an excess build-up of fluid in the legs and improve blood circulation.

Some of the advantages of owning an electric recliner chair include injury reduction, a feeling of independence, leg elevation to reduce swelling, and easy transfer to stand or to a wheelchair. Lift chairs have even been proven to help users maintain muscle tone due to the reduction of lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration. These chairs can even reduce pain and increase comfort.

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