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Grabber & Reacher Tools

A reacher grabber can be ideal for users across a broad range of mobility issues. Reaching aids are designed as an extension of your arm. This extension allows you to retrieve items which are out of reach. It may also reduce the need for a ladder or step stool. View other products in this category here: Dressing & Grooming AidsKitchen AidsMedical SheepskinsPressure CareTherapy AidsOther Independent Living Aids

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Grabber & Reacher Tools

A grabber tool is ideal for a vast range of users with various mobility limitations. A grabber stick is designed to act as an extension for your arm; therefore, this extension lets the user retrieve items that are far from their reach. They might also minimize the necessity for a step stool or even a ladder.


At Patient Handling, we provide reacher grabbers and other products in this category include Dressing & Grooming AidsKitchen AidsMedical SheepskinsPressure CareTherapy Aids and Other Independent Living Aids. Also, we supply grabber disability aids from one of the most trusted and loved brands, Performance Health.
A grabber tool acts as a reacher adaptive equipment; hence the user will not need to stretch, reach or bend as far they otherwise would. The mobility reacher is essential for retrieving objects placed in somewhat tricky areas to reach when in use. These areas might include under the table, behind the lounge, the back of a cupboard, and many other places. Technically, a grabber stick can be bought by people with the conditions below:
Balance problems
Back pain
Mobility issues
Recovery from knee or hip surgery


A grabber tool is a relatively simple piece of equipment, although there are several factors to think about when buying one, such as:
Does the handle grip of the reacher grabber fit effortlessly in your hand?
Is it easy for you to hold the trigger and squeeze to operate it?
Is the claw at the handle grip’s end good enough to collect objects?
Is the mobility reacher lightweight such that no stress is placed on your body when being used?
Which length do you need? This might be dependent on your length and height of reach. It might be plausible that you require various sizes for several different scenarios.
Do you need a magnetic claw to help with accessing the picking up metallic objects?


The following are among the most significant benefits of a grabber tool:
Safety: with a grabber stick, reaching into formally inaccessible areas is made more straightforward; they minimize or get rid of the necessity to climb in an attempt to reach for items that are placed in high places. It is recommendable to avoid trying to access sketchy places with thorny bushes, tall grass, or holes to collect trash; you can never be certain what creature is lurking in any of these areas.
Convenience. A grabber tool is particularly made to aid the user easily and effectively collect things that you might otherwise need to get on your knees, bend down, climb or move another object to access. Its simplicity and efficient design make collecting faster and easier than ever before. Another convenient application for this tool is while using the lawnmower; in the olden days, a person would be required to get down from the mower to remove debris or rocks from the cutting area; however, with a grabber tool, you can effortlessly do it without dismounting the mower.
Health. Irrespective of whether you are getting older, living with a disability, or even pregnant, crawling, climbing, or bending over might be difficult or impossible and might even result in an injury. Why not save your health by purchasing the most superior quality grabber reachers and grabber tools.
Durability. The shaft of the grabber stick is designed from rust-resistant lightweight aluminum, and the interior wire is manufactured from steel cable for ease of use and durability.

To enjoy such excellent benefits, get your reacher grabber from Patient Handling today! This is the only place that can effortlessly ensure quality meets value! For more information on any of our grabber tools or services do not hesitate to contact us.

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