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Walking Sticks & Canes

We stock a range of walking sticks and quad canes at Patient Handling. View other products in this category here: Walking FramesRollators & WalkersMobility ScootersRampsMobility Aid Accessories


What are walking sticks?

Walking sticks are devices used primarily to aid walking, however they can also provide postural stability or support, or assist in maintaining a good posture. Walking sticks are ideal for individuals with a lower-body injury or permanent disability as they assist in transferring weight to the upper body from the legs.

How do you use a walking stick?

When standing up straight, the top of your walking stick should reach to the crease in your wrist. Your elbow should be slightly bent when you hold the handle. It is important to hold the walking stick in the hand opposite the side that needs support. For example, if your left leg is injured, hold the cane in your right hand.

What brands of walking sticks does Patient Handling offer?

We offer products from a range of leading brands including Peak Care, Performance Health and much more.

Walking Sticks & Canes

Walking canes, walking sticks, and crutches are mobility aids for individuals with lower-body injury or permanent disability that assist in transferring weight to the upper body from the legs. At Patient Handling, we strive to provide a broad variety of walking sticks for sale to all our clients and ensure we meet everyone’s unique needs. We ensure that our products are from trusted brands; therefore, we acquire walking sticks with seats, folding walking sticks, wooden walking sticks, and many others, from Peak Care and Performance Health.

There are various types of crutches, including:

  • Quad cane. This is similar to a typical cane, although four feet extend from the base and fixed with rubber caps to lower and prevent slippage.
  • Forearm crutches. This can be utilized by inserting the arm into a cuff and maintaining the grip.
  • Underarm crutches. This is used by putting the upped pad under the armpit and maintaining the grip below the pad.
  • Platform crutches. This is an uncommon type of crutches used by individuals with a weak arm grip. The arm is positioned on a horizontal platform and strapped position.
  • Leg support. Similarly, this is not a common type of crutches; an injured leg is held into a support frame that simultaneously straps the lower leg from the ground and transfers the pressure to the user’s thigh or knee.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a wooden hiking stick, particularly when on a path with treacherous or steep terrain. They can offer reinforcement and protection for hikers regardless of their age and are ideal pieces of equipment to help in hiking.

Additionally, walking sticks such as the ones offered by Patient Handling can assist in tremendous ways. To highlight a few of the topmost benefits of utilizing walking canes, the following are the advantages:

  • Increased stamina. When you apply a walking stick, you will be taking a significant amount of your body’s weight from your legs and spreading it to your upper body, primarily your arms. Your legs are already being used more than the rest of your upper body while hiking; therefore, balancing out your weight this way can aid in increasing your stamina while allowing you to hike for an extended duration. Besides, while hiking up very steep slopes, a walking cane might provide improved leverage and reduce the strain on your body.
  • Better balance. One of the most significant factors when hiking is balance.; this might be a little challenging; therefore, a walking stick might ease the process.
  • Reducing back and joint pain. Our backs and the joints in our knees are among the most delicate parts of our bodies. Hiking on unlevel terrain might bring a toll on our joints and backs; however, utilizing a walking cane will reduce the weight and lower any risk of injury.
  • Extra hiking tool. A wooden walking stick can also be used as an additional hiking item that can perform activities, including protecting you from wildlife or moving objects that could be partially blocking your ways, such as branches, rocks, and leaves.

The best place for high-quality walking sticks for sale is Patient Handling; we ensure our customers get the most ideal walking stick to perfectly meet their needs. For more information regarding our walking sticks and canes, please do hesitate in contacting us.

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