Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs assist users to participate in everyday activities. They provide increased mobility and independence for the user and their carer. These motorised wheelchairs allow a user to engage socially, outside the confines of the home. Electric wheelchairs greatly enhance independence. For some users, this means getting out and about without the need for a carer. It also means you can be flexible and not have to fit within the carer's schedule. It can also reduce the cost of the carer. Electric Wheelchairs can have a long-range on a full battery charge, and public transport networks are increasingly adapting to support the needs of wheelchair users. For some, it may be possible to undertake a day trip unassisted. A power wheelchair offers the benefits of a traditional wheelchair combined with the ease of an electric motor. Power wheelchairs are ideal not only for anyone with mobility issues but also for those who may have limited arm, hand or upper body strength/movement. As a power wheelchair requires minimal effort to operate, it can also help to eliminate the need for an attendant to push the chair. Independence of the user is enhanced. Electric Wheelchairs are usually able to manoeuvre in small areas for use within the home. More robust wheelchairs for difficult terrain like pavements, uneven surfaces and hills. Motorised wheelchairs have a motor and rechargeable battery. They are controlled using a joystick on the armrest, requiring only minimal effort from the user. The users' legs are supported with footrests and are adjustable to suit the users' needs. The seat and backrest are also customisable. This can be essential for users who are seated for prolonged durations. The customisation greatly assists with pressure care management when fitted with a good quality cushion and backrest. Some electric wheelchairs are fitted tilt and recline. It is also possible to select a power chair which elevates for reaching areas up higher. This function makes it possible to participate in a conversation at eye level when others are standing. Available also are chairs with a standing function. Standing chairs allow the user to position themselves in an upright position. All of these variations assist the user to participate in daily life with as much freedom and flexibility as possible.

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