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Manual Handling Equipment

Manual Handling solutions play a crucial role in assisting caregivers and individuals with limited mobility in secure transfers and movements. This category encompasses an array of items such as transfer boards, hoists, slings, and slide sheets, all designed to facilitate safe and seamless transfers. By using these products, both caregivers and those being moved benefit from minimised injury risks. These tools are essential for fostering independence, diminishing injury risks, and enhancing the overall quality of life within aged care facilities and among individuals with disabilities.

Manual Handling Equipment

The top cause of injury to hospital and nursing support staff is continuous manual repositioning, transferring, and lifting patients. Safe patient handling is a more secure manual handling that eliminates the manual lifting of patients. At Patient Handling, we provide the best and most superior quality manual handling equipment that can be significant in manual handling in aged care, for instance. Our products include slide sheets, patient transfer aids, transfer and walking belts, and patient evacuation aids.

With incidence levels of occupational injuries asking for days off away from work increasing, this can substantially cost healthcare organisations. Manual handling equipment in aged care also requires safe patient handling programs. These are among the topmost prioritised initiatives in healthcare organisations, looking to lower work-associated injuries and minimise injuries due to patient falls. Proper manual handling lifting equipment and training on implementing patient lifts can significantly decrease the exposure to these hazards. The primary focus is implementing these devices versus requiring individuals to perform repositioning, lifts, transfers, and movement of patients.

Furthermore, safe patient handling programs that deploy manual handling equipment decreases the probability of injury for the patients and healthcare workers while enhancing patient care quality. Implementing manual lifting devices and manual lifting equipment is essential to a successful secure and safe patient handling program and has proven to decrease manual lifting exposure. In addition to lowering healthcare staff injuries and linked lost work duration, secure patient handling programs and safe manual handling in aged care have various benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs of injuries
  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Reduced patient falls and pressure ulcers
  • More satisfying professional status and work environment
  • Enhanced nursing retention and recruitment
  • Benefits to patients
  • Improved rehabilitation efforts
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Minimised bruises and skin tears
  • Enhanced patient comfort and safety
  • Minimised risk of being dropped, falling, dislocated limbs due to improper moving, and friction burns

Benefits for Healthcare Workers

  • Lowered injury risk
  • Enhanced job satisfaction
  • Enhanced life quality outside of work
  • Pregnant carers can work for an extended amount of time
  • Staff can work even at an older age
  • Injured carers have low chances of getting re-injured
  • Less muscle fatigue and pain daily
  • Improved energy at the end of the shift
  • Benefits to the healthcare employers
  • Decreased number and extent of staff injuries
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction and safety
  • Minimised lost workdays by staff
  • Decreased staff’s compensation, indemnity, and legal costs
  • Lowered usage of sick leave by staff
  • Enhanced retention and recruitment of healthcare providers
  • Improved staff morale
  • Fewer resources needed to replace injured workers

Evidence-based research has proven that safe patient handling interventions can minimise overextension injuries by replacing manual lifting with safer strategies guided by Ergonomics principles. Ergonomic describes the design of work tasks to fit the workers’ capabilities ideally. Patient Handling is passionate about providing the best manual handling equipment and manual handling lifting equipment for safe patient handling.


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